Valorant’s New Agent Clove: Age, Pronouns, and Lore

Valorant's New Agent Clove: Age, Pronouns, and Lore
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On March 29, 2024, Riot Games introduced Clove, the newest agent in Valorant, during the grand finals of Valorant Masters Madrid 2024. Clove, a non-binary agent from Scotland, quickly became a topic of discussion due to their unique background and abilities.


Clove’s Age in Valorant

Riot Games does not specify the ages of their Valorant agents, and Clove is no exception. While some fans have speculated about Clove’s age based on lore and in-game hints, there is no confirmed age yet. As the lore of Clove continues to develop, more details may become clear.

Youngest and Oldest Agents

Currently, Neon holds the title of the youngest agent, while Brimstone is the oldest. Neon is also the shortest agent, whereas Breach is the tallest.

Clove’s Pronouns

Riot Games has emphasized the importance of diversity in their characters. Clove is the first non-binary agent in Valorant, and Riot uses they/them pronouns for Clove. John Goscicki, the agents lead, highlighted the importance of representing diverse characters authentically. Clove’s identity and personality are integral to their character design and gameplay style.

Clove’s Lore and Origin

Clove hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Riot’s narrative writer, Ryan “Pwam” Clements, explained that Edinburgh’s blend of old and new influences Clove’s character. This mix of tradition and modernity is reflected in Clove’s storytelling abilities, which are evident in their in-game dialogues and interactions with other agents.

Clove is portrayed as a mischievous “Scottish troublemaker” who confounds enemies in battle and even beyond the grave. Their return to the living is always just a moment away, making them an unpredictable and formidable opponent.

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Clove’s Abilities and Role

As a Controller agent, Clove’s abilities are designed to manipulate the battlefield and control the pace of the game. While specific details of their abilities were not provided in the announcement, the role of a Controller typically involves creating opportunities for the team through strategic use of abilities.

Impact and Community Reaction

The introduction of Clove has sparked excitement and discussions within the Valorant community. Fans appreciate Riot Games’ efforts to include a non-binary character, reflecting a broader commitment to diversity and representation. Clove’s unique Scottish heritage and playful personality have made them a favorite among players.

As Riot Games continues to develop Clove’s lore, more details about their background, abilities, and age are expected to be revealed. The community eagerly awaits these updates, looking forward to seeing how Clove’s story unfolds in the game.

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