Steam Offers 35% Discount on Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Steam Offers 35% Discount on Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
Steam Offers 35% Discount on Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic (Image via: @Steam X Handle)

June 22, 2024 — Steam has announced a special spotlight deal on the popular game Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. Players can now purchase the game at a 35% discount, marking a significant opportunity for fans of strategy and simulation games to expand their library.


Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city-building and economic simulation game developed by 3Division. The game has been in early access since 2019 and has received positive feedback from the gaming community. It allows players to construct and manage their own Soviet-style republic, handling intricate details of infrastructure, production chains, and citizen welfare.

The announcement of the discount comes just as the game is set to officially launch its 1.0 version on June 20, 2024. This major update will include several new features and improvements. Players can look forward to new buildings such as amphitheaters and large stadiums to enhance citizen entertainment and fitness. Additionally, the update will introduce new Western vehicles for public transit, revamped educational systems, and graphical improvements to various key buildings like the electronics components factory and sawmill.

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The game’s developers have also focused on improving the user experience with better factory connection nodes and various quality-of-life updates and HUD tweaks. These changes are aimed at making the game more engaging and enjoyable for both new and returning players.

Since its initial release, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has been praised for its depth and complexity. The game challenges players to manage everything from industrial production to traffic logistics and economic policies. It also features a fully integrated global economy that reacts to the player’s decisions, adding a layer of realism and challenge.

The game’s journey through early access has seen numerous updates that have expanded its content significantly. These updates have included new industries, customizable airports, detailed waste management systems, new visual models, and more. The developers have continuously improved the game based on player feedback, resulting in a highly refined and polished final product.

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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has garnered a strong following on Steam, boasting a “Very Positive” review rating with over 14,500 reviews. The game is available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The 1.0 release will also add support for Turkish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, and Traditional Chinese.

This discount and the upcoming full release make it an excellent time for strategy and simulation enthusiasts to dive into the complex and rewarding world of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. With its comprehensive simulation mechanics and continuous improvements, the game promises an engaging experience for those looking to build and manage their own Soviet republic.

For more information on the discount and to purchase the game, visit the Steam store page: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Steam