Fortnite’s Big Summer Update: What to Expect

Fortnite's Big Summer Update
Fortnite’s Big Summer Update (Epic Games)

Fortnite fans are gearing up for a significant update on June 22, 2024. Epic Games will take servers down early Saturday morning for maintenance. This downtime, starting at 1 a.m. ET and expected to last four hours, introduces the much-anticipated summer update and a new game mode called Reload.


Why are Fortnite servers down?

The servers are down for maintenance to install the summer update. This annual update includes summer-themed cosmetics, new maps, and features designed to keep the game fresh and aligned with real-life events. This year, the update comes earlier than expected, surprising many players.

Additionally, the update will bring back some of the original places of interest like Tilted Towers and Pleasant Park in a new limited-time game mode, Reload. This nostalgic addition is sure to excite long-time players.

When will Fortnite downtime end?

The downtime will end around 5 a.m. ET on Saturday, June 22. After this, players can jump back into the game and enjoy the new content, including the summer-themed features and the Reload game mode.

What’s the Fortnite summer update?

The summer update introduces new summer-themed features across various game modes. While Epic Games hasn’t released detailed specifics, players can expect new cosmetics such as gun skins, player skins, and possibly new map locations with beach fronts and other summer-related themes.

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The update is also likely to kick off the Summer Fest event, though this has not been officially confirmed.

What’s the new Fortnite game mode?

The new game mode, Reload, will feature classic locations from Fortnite’s early days, including Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row. This mode will differ from the standard battle royale format by allowing players to revive teammates as long as one member of the squad is still alive, eliminating the need for reboot cards and vans.

Reload is designed to offer a different style of gameplay, bringing a fresh yet nostalgic experience to Fortnite fans. However, the traditional battle royale mode will still be available for those who prefer the classic gameplay.

How long will Fortnite Reload last?

Reload will go live at 5 a.m. ET on June 22, 2024. It is a limited-time mode, but Epic Games has not specified an end date yet. Players will need to dive in quickly to make the most of this nostalgic game mode.

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