Sony Confirms PS5 Slim to Go on Sale in India From April 5

PlayStation [Image via: Ask PlayStation Twitter Handle]

Sony has officially confirmed that the PlayStation 5 Slim, a slimmer variant of the PlayStation 5 console, will be available in India starting April 5. This announcement comes almost six months after the PS5 Slim was announced globally.


Design and Features

The PS5 Slim retains much of the PlayStation 5 design language but comes with a detachable disc drive and slightly bigger storage. The console is up to 24 percent lighter than the standard PS5. The design changes have led to an overall smaller form factor, with the PS5 Slim seeing a reduction in volume by more than 30 percent.

The PS5 Slim comes with a detachable disc drive. Customers also get the option to add an external UHD Blu-ray disc drive to the PS5 Slim digital edition console. The new variant’s processing power and graphical capabilities, however, remain the same as the original PS5.

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The slimmer version of the PS5 boasts slightly bigger internal storage, up from the standard PS5’s 825GB custom SSD to 1TB. This enhancement addresses the evolving needs of players.

Pricing and Availability

Sony has confirmed the pricing for PS5 Slim in India. The disc version of the PS5 Slim will sell at Rs. 54,990, while the digital edition is priced at Rs. 44,990. Customers who buy the digital edition of the console can purchase the PS5 Slim disc drive separately.

The PS5 Slim will be available at offline and online retailers in the country from April 5. Stocks of the new variant of the console should be available at Sony’s ShopatSC website, Amazon, Flipkart, Games The Shop, and other participating retailers.

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Future Developments

Sony is reportedly readying a “Pro” version of PS5 for launch later this year as the current console generation enters the latter half of its life cycle. Analysts said in February that the Japanese electronics giant was looking to get an updated PS5 Pro ready for the launch of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 6, set to arrive sometime in 2025.

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In conclusion, the launch of the PS5 Slim in India is a significant milestone for Sony and the gaming community. With its enhanced storage and slim design, the PS5 Slim is set to offer gamers a superior gaming experience.

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