Palworld Announces Release of Paldeck Entry No. 080: Orserk

Palworld Announces Release of Paldeck Entry No. 080: Orserk
Palworld Announces Release of Paldeck Entry No. 080: Orserk [Screenshot via: Pocketpair Youtube Channel]

Exciting News from Palworld: Thunderous Orserk Joins the Paldeck Series!:  In a thrilling update for all gaming enthusiasts, Palworld, a well-known game developer, has made an exciting announcement. They have introduced a new character to their popular Paldeck series. This new character, known as Orserk, is the 80th addition to the series.


Orserk is not just any character. It is known as the ‘Symbol of Thunder’. This means that Orserk has some special powers related to thunder. The most interesting thing about Orserk is that its presence scares away most other characters in the game, known as Pals. This unique feature of Orserk has made gamers very curious. They are eager to play the game and experience this new character.

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Palworld shared this news through a tweet from their official Twitter account, @Palworld_EN. The tweet said, “#Paldeck released! #Paldeck entry No. 080 is Orserk, the symbol of thunder, whose mere presence causes most Pals to flee in fear.”

Along with the tweet, Palworld also shared a link to a video. This video gives more details about Orserk and its special powers. Gamers can watch this video to understand more about what Orserk can do in the game.

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This new release shows how dedicated Palworld is to making their games more enjoyable for users. They are always thinking of new ideas and adding new elements to their games. This keeps the games fresh and interesting for gamers.

The news about Orserk’s release has created a lot of excitement among gamers. They are looking forward to playing the game with this new character. As Palworld continues to add more characters to its Paldeck series, gamers are always on the lookout for what’s next.

The game is available on the STEAM platform. This is a platform where you can buy and play games. The game is developed by a company called Pocketpair. For more updates about the game, you can follow Palworld’s official social media channels.

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