Lottery Sambad Today: 17th June 2024 Results

Lottery Sambad Result
Lottery Sambad Result

Nagaland’s Lottery Sambad has drawn the results for today, 17th June 2024. Enthusiasts and hopefuls from across the state eagerly awaited the results, which were announced in three draws at 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. These draws are part of the Nagaland State Lottery, one of the most popular lotteries in India.


Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 17.6.2024 Result

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad 1 PM

Lottery Sambad 6 PM

Lottery Sambad 8 PM

Lottery Sambad 1 PM

Lottery Sambad 6 PM

Lottery Sambad 8 PM

1 PM Draw – Dear Ganga Morning

The first draw of the day, known as the Dear Ganga Morning, took place at 1 PM. Participants tuned in to see if they would be the lucky winners of the day. The first prize for this draw was ₹1 crore. Here are the winning numbers and prize details:

  • First Prize (₹1 Crore): The lucky winner walked away with the grand prize.
  • Second Prize (₹9000): Five participants won this prize.
  • Third Prize (₹500): A large number of participants won this prize, offering substantial rewards for many.
  • Fourth Prize (₹250): Several ticket numbers were announced, providing more chances for participants to win.
  • Fifth Prize (₹120): Numerous ticket numbers were included in this category, ensuring a wide distribution of winnings.
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6 PM Draw – Dear Sun Evening

The second draw, known as the Dear Sun Evening, took place at 6 PM. This draw is highly anticipated, and today was no exception. The first prize for this draw was also ₹1 crore. The winning numbers were eagerly awaited. Here is the list of winners:

  • First Prize (₹1 Crore): One lucky ticket holder claimed this top prize.
  • Second Prize (₹9000): Five winners were announced in this category.
  • Third Prize (₹500): Many participants were revealed as winners, allowing for widespread winnings.
  • Fourth Prize (₹250): Numerous winners were announced in this category.
  • Fifth Prize (₹120): This category included a large number of winners, giving many participants the chance to win.

8 PM Draw – Dear Moon Night

The final draw of the day, the Dear Moon Night, was held at 8 PM. The anticipation built throughout the day culminated in this evening draw. The first prize was again ₹1 crore. Here are the winning numbers for the 8 PM draw:

  • First Prize (₹1 Crore): One ticket holder took home the grand prize.
  • Second Prize (₹9000): Five tickets were declared winners in this category.
  • Third Prize (₹500): A substantial number of winners were revealed, offering many participants a chance to win.
  • Fourth Prize (₹250): Several winners were announced in this category.
  • Fifth Prize (₹120): Numerous tickets won in this category, increasing the number of winners.
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How to Check Results

Participants can check the results on the official Lottery Sambad website. The site is updated regularly with the latest draw results. Additionally, results are published in local newspapers and displayed at lottery retailers across Nagaland.

Claiming the Prize

Winners must claim their prizes within 30 days of the draw. To claim a prize, winners need to submit the winning ticket along with identification proof to the lottery office. The ticket must be in good condition and free of any damage. For prizes above ₹10,000, winners need to submit a claim form available at the lottery office or on the official website.

The Nagaland State Lottery encourages participants to play responsibly. Lottery tickets should be purchased for entertainment purposes. It is important to remember that lotteries are games of chance, and there is no guaranteed way to win.

The revenue from the Nagaland State Lottery supports various state projects. These include infrastructure development, education, and healthcare initiatives. The lottery thus plays a crucial role in the state’s development while providing entertainment and hope to its participants.

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