How to Evolve Amaura into Aurorus in Pokémon Go

How to Evolve Amaura into Aurorus in Pokémon Go
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How to Evolve Amaura into Aurorus in Pokémon Go: Pokémon Go, the popular augmented reality game, offers a wide range of Pokémon for players to catch and evolve. One such Pokémon is Amaura, a Rock/Ice-type Pokémon from the Kalos region. Here’s a detailed guide on how to evolve Amaura into Aurorus in Pokémon Go.


Catching Amaura

The first step to evolving Amaura is, of course, catching one. Amaura can be found in the wild, especially during certain events or in specific weather conditions. Additionally, Amaura can be hatched from 7km eggs. To increase your chances of catching Amaura, use Pinap Berries, which double the amount of Candy you receive if your next catch attempt succeeds.

Gathering Amaura Candy

To evolve Amaura into Aurorus, you will need 50 Amaura Candies. These candies can be obtained by catching Amaura, hatching Amaura from an egg, or walking with Amaura as your Buddy Pokémon. Using a Pinap Berry while catching Amaura will double the amount of Candy you receive, speeding up the process.

Evolving Amaura

Once you have collected 50 Amaura Candies, you can evolve Amaura into Aurorus. However, there’s a catch – Amaura can only be evolved at night. This reflects the game’s original mechanic where Amaura could only evolve at night in the main series games.

To evolve Amaura, go to your Pokémon list and select the Amaura you want to evolve. If you have enough Candy and it’s nighttime in the game, the ‘Evolve’ button will be available. Click on it, and Amaura will evolve into Aurorus.

Evolving Amaura into Aurorus not only adds a new entry to your Pokédex but also gives you a powerful Pokémon to use in battles. So, get out there, start catching Amaura, and add Aurorus to your Pokémon Go collection!

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