Endless Grades Pixel Saga codes – June 2024

Endless Grades Pixel Saga codes
Image via: Lightcore Games

Endless Grades: Pixel Saga, developed by Lightcore Games, is a role-playing game that offers players a nostalgic pixelated experience. Released in 2024, the game has gained popularity for its engaging gameplay and rewarding system. One key feature is the use of redeemable codes that provide players with in-game rewards like gems, money bags, and more.


How to Redeem Codes in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga

Redeeming codes in Endless Grades is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Game: Launch Endless Grades: Pixel Saga on your mobile device.
  2. Access Profile: Tap the avatar icon located in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select Gift Codes: In the new window, click on the “Gift Codes” button.
  4. Enter Code: Input a valid code in the text area and press “Confirm.”
  5. Receive Rewards: If the code is active, you’ll receive your rewards in the in-game mail.
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Current Active Codes

As of June 2024, the following codes are available:

  • happy100days: Redeem for exclusive rewards.
  • happyapril: Redeem for exclusive rewards.
  • HAPPYDISCORD: Redeem for gems and recruit scrolls.
  • DISCORDCLUB: Redeem for gems and other rewards.
  • happygoogleplay: Redeem for special items.
  • happymarch: Redeem for various rewards.
  • happyspring: Redeem for special items.
  • Happyplay: Redeem for 150 gems, 1 Money Bag II, 1 Inspiration I, 1 Inspiration II, and 15 Pickaxes​.
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Tips to Find New Codes

Developers frequently release new codes on various platforms. To stay updated:

  • Follow Social Media: Check the game’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube channels.
  • Join Community Forums: Participate in Discord communities where developers often share exclusive codes.
  • Bookmark Websites: Regularly visit gaming websites and forums that compile and update lists of active codes​​.
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Game Overview

Endless Grades: Pixel Saga immerses players in a pixelated world where they can collect and evolve pixel knights. The game offers a strategic element where players can combine characters’ abilities to form powerful teams. Engaging in epic battles against bosses like AbyssCrusher and QueenNaga adds to the thrill. The game also supports offline play, allowing players to gain experience and treasures even when not actively playing​​.

Endless Grades encourages global player interaction through its arena and social features. Players can share strategies and stories in the in-game tavern, making it a socially engaging experience. The game’s community is active and supportive, often sharing tips and new code information​​.

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