Bengal Tigers Wins in Season 10 of the CCL

CCL Live Score: Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers Final March 17, 2024
CCL Live Score: Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers Final March 17, 2024 [Image via: CCL Twitter Handle]

Bengal Tigers Roar to Victory in Season 10 of the Celebrity Cricket League: In a thrilling culmination to the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Season 10, the Bengal Tigers emerged as the champions. The team, representing the stars of the Bangla film industry, Tollywood, put up an impressive performance against the formidable Karnataka Bulldozers in the final match.


The Bengal Tigers, led by captain Jisshu Sengupta, showcased a blend of experienced players and fresh talent. The team’s performance throughout the season was marked by strategic gameplay and teamwork.

The final match saw the Bengal Tigers clinching victory with a close margin of 13 runs. This win was particularly noteworthy as it marked the Tigers’ first victory against the Bulldozers, against whom they had previously lost all their encounters.

The match was a spectacle of exceptional cricketing skills. The Bengal Tigers set a challenging target of 138 runs for the Bulldozers. Despite a valiant effort from the Bulldozers, they fell short of the target, marking a triumphant moment for the Tigers.

Notably absent from the match was the Tigers’ key player and skipper, Shreyas Iyer, who was nursing a back injury. However, he is expected to be fit and ready to lead the team in the upcoming matches.

In a unique initiative, the practice match was live-streamed on the Bengal Tigers’ social media accounts. This allowed fans to get a glimpse of their favorite players in action before the season officially begins.

With this victory, the Bengal Tigers have set a high bar for the upcoming seasons of the CCL. Their win is a testament to their perseverance, sportsmanship, and strategic gameplay. As we look forward to the next season, the Tigers’ triumph serves as a reminder of the excitement and unpredictability that the Celebrity Cricket League brings to cricket fans around the world.

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