Live Score Update: MI Women Take on RCB Women in Women’s Premier, March 12, 2024 | Smriti falls as Mumbai strikes to leave RCB two down

Live Score Update: MI Women Take on RCB Women in Women’s Premier, March 12, 2024
Live Score Update: MI Women Take on RCB Women in Women’s Premier, March 12, 2024 [Image via: RV Moorthy]
The Clash of Titans In the world of Women’s Premier League cricket, a thrilling encounter is underway between the MI Women’s team and the RCB Women’s team. This much-anticipated match, taking place on March 12, 2024, has fans around the globe glued to their screens as they follow the live score updates.


Live Score Update from the Match on March 12, 2024

  • 21:58, March 12, 2024 With RCB at 49/3 in 8 overs, Pooja Vastrakar’s performance remains unblemished. A misfield allowed Richa Ghosh to score a boundary, and a subsequent slice through the backward point has put RCB back in contention.
  • 21:53, March 12, 2024 With RCB at 40/3 in 7 overs, Shabnim Ismail returns to the attack and takes out Devine with a ball that grazes the leg stump, knocking off one bail. RCB seems to be struggling with what should have been a straightforward run chase.
  • 21:46, March 12, 2024 At 39/2 in 6 overs, Saika Ishaque allows a boundary and then bowls a short and wide one, giving Perry the chance to smash the spinner through the covers for another boundary. Perry then dances down the pitch and hits the spinner straight down the ground, easing some of the pressure.
  • 21:43, March 12, 2024 At 29/2 in 5 overs, Nat Sciver-Brunt claims a significant wicket as Smriti Mandhana is dismissed in what should have been a manageable run chase. RCB seems to be making all the wrong moves with the bat when it matters the most.
  • 21:37, March 12, 2024 With RCB at 24/1 in 4 overs, Molineux delivers a beautiful shot, guiding Matthews through the square. However, Matthews retaliates, tricking Molineux who advances down the pitch only to be stumped. This provides an early opportunity for Mumbai in a modest run chase.
  • 21:33, March 12, 2024 At 18/0 in 3 overs, Molineux steps up, guiding a shot through the slip cordon for a boundary. Mumbai is in need of early wickets. Molineux has a stroke of luck as she is dropped by Sciver-Brunt, and then Smriti slices through the slips, adding to Mumbai’s woes.
  • 21:25, March 12, 2024 RCB is at 8/0 in 2 overs. Smriti skillfully uses her feet, advancing down the pitch and lofting Matthews over the extra cover for a boundary. They’re off to a good start!
  • 21:23, March 12, 2024 At the start of the match, RCB is at 3/0 in 1 over. Sophie Molineux and Smriti Mandhana have given their team a calm start, with Shabnim Ismail kicking off brilliantly, conceding just three runs from her opening over.
  • 21:02, March 12, 2024 MI finishes at 113 in 19 overs. Priyanka Bala scores a boundary, courtesy of a misfield by Sophie Devine at deep mid-wicket. Molineux then traps Priyanka, with a DRS review proving unsuccessful. Mumbai is all out for 113.

The Teams


Both teams, renowned for their competitive spirit and talented rosters, are battling it out on the field. The match is expected to be a nail-biter, with both teams vying for a crucial win. The MI Women’s team, led by Harmanpreet Kaur, is known for its aggressive batting and disciplined bowling. On the other hand, the RCB Women’s team, captained by Smriti Mandhana, is famous for its balanced team composition and strategic gameplay.

The Venue 

The match is being played at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. Known for its pitch that favors both batsmen and bowlers, the stadium is set to witness a thrilling encounter between these two teams.

The Progress

As the game unfolds, fans are eagerly tracking the live score updates. Each run scored, each wicket taken, adds to the mounting excitement and anticipation. The performance of key players, strategic decisions by the team captains, and the overall team dynamics are all playing a significant role in shaping the course of the match.

The Impact

This match is not just about the thrill of the game, but also about the skill, strategy, and sportsmanship displayed by the players. It’s about the spirit of cricket and the passion that drives these athletes to give their best on the field.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more updates as the match between MI Women and RCB Women continues to unfold in the Women’s Premier cricket. The outcome of this game could have significant implications for the standings in the tournament, making every run, every wicket, and every decision on the field count.

Remember to check back for more live score updates and highlights from this exciting match-up in Women’s Premier cricket. The thrill of the game, the cheers of the fans, and the spirit of sportsmanship – that’s what cricket is all about. Happy watching!

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