WhatsApp Introduces a Spectacular Feature, Putting an End to Call-Related Issues


WhatsApp Unveils a Spectacular New Feature to Enhance Call Experience:  WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is known for frequently introducing new features and updates to improve the experience of its users. Once again, WhatsApp has brought a new feature to the table that is set to significantly aid its users.


In reality, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature related to calls. Now, users can take advantage of this feature to mute or disconnect calls. This feature will be extremely beneficial for users. As a result, users can now easily mute or dismiss calls.

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WhatsApp Introduces a New Feature Concerning Calls

WhatsApp is preparing to provide its users with an even better experience. With the arrival of the new feature, users can now easily disconnect or mute calls. For this, the company has added a bar at the top in WhatsApp. With the introduction of this feature, users can now easily mute and disconnect any phone. It should be noted that this feature was not available in WhatsApp before. As a result, users can now pick any important phone first. WhatsApp has included a new bar just above the logo by WhatsApp to mute and disconnect calls. For this, you will have to follow some necessary steps.

In fact, before this, WhatsApp users did not get the option to mute calls, but now users are going to get this facility. Now, users can mute or dismiss any WhatsApp call very easily.

This feature allows users to put those numbers in silent mode that are not in your contact list. This means that, you can keep calls coming from Unknown numbers silent forever. For this, you will have to keep some steps in mind. So let’s find out how to silent calls from unknown numbers.

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Here’s How to Silent Calls from Unknown Numbers:

First, you can use your WhatsApp application.

For this, you will first have to go to your settings option.

Then now you will have to tap on the privacy option here.

Then now you have to select the calls option.

As soon as you select the call option, you will get the option of silent unknown callers on calls.

Now in such a situation, turning on this setting will keep the calls coming on your WhatsApp from unknown numbers silent.

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