VALORANT Masters Madrid Day 4 – LOUD and Paper Rex’s Battle for Survival

VALORANT Masters Madrid Day 4 - LOUD and Paper Rex’s Battle for Survival
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In-Depth Analysis: VALORANT Masters Madrid Day 4 – LOUD and Paper Rex’s Battle for Survival. Day 4 of the VALORANT Masters Madrid was a day of intense competition and survival. Four teams: LOUD, FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), Team Heretics (TH), and Paper Rex (PRX) were fighting for their tournament lives. Each match was a testament to the skill and determination of these teams.


LOUD vs FunPlus Phoenix

LOUD started the day with a bang, completely dominating FPX in a 2-0 series win. They shut down FPX’s plays on both Sunset (13-5) and Breeze (13-8). Saadhak and Less were the standout performers for LOUD, leading their team to a dominant victory. This win ensured LOUD’s survival in the tournament.

Paper Rex vs Team Heretics

The match between Paper Rex and Team Heretics was a much closer affair. Both teams showcased incredible plays and traded blows throughout the series. On Sunset, Paper Rex managed to edge out a narrow 13-10 victory after a strong second half. However, Team Heretics bounced back on Lotus, securing a close 13-10 win themselves. The final map, Split, was tense in the first half, but Paper Rex dominated the second half, winning 13-7 and securing the series victory. With this win, Paper Rex continues their fight in the tournament.

Upcoming Matches

The final day of the Swiss Stage is set to be a thrilling one. The remaining teams will face off in do-or-die matches: LOUD vs Edward Gaming and Karmine Corp vs Paper Rex. The winners will advance to the VCT 2024 Masters Madrid Playoffs, while the losers will be eliminated.


Day 4 of the VALORANT Masters Madrid was filled with intense matches and nail-biting moments. Both LOUD and Paper Rex showed their determination and fighting spirit, earning their spots in the next round. As the tournament progresses, the stakes get higher and the matches more intense. Fans around the world are eagerly waiting for the next round of matches.

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