PUBG Mobile’s PMGO Joyous Jigsaw Event Now Live

PUBG Mobile’s PMGO Joyous Jigsaw Event Now Live
PUBG Mobile’s PMGO Joyous Jigsaw Event Now Live [Image via: PUBG MOBILE Twitter Handle]

PUBG Mobile, the popular battle royale game, has announced the launch of its latest event, the PMGO Joyous Jigsaw. The event, which went live recently, will continue until April 14th, 2024.


The announcement was made via a tweet from the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account. The tweet read, “The PMGO Joyous Jigsaw event is LIVE! Join until 4/14 for a chance to receive all of the in-game rewards. Don’t miss your chance to snatch all of the pieces!”

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PMGO 2024 Series

This event is part of the PMGO 2024 series, a global esports initiative by PUBG Mobile. The hashtag #GOBEYONDTHETOP suggests that this event is designed to push players to their limits and beyond, encouraging them to rise above the competition and claim the top spot.

In-Game Rewards

While the specifics of the in-game rewards have not been disclosed, the excitement among the PUBG Mobile community is palpable. Players are eagerly joining the event, ready to collect all the pieces of the jigsaw and claim their rewards.

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More Information

For more information about the PMGO Joyous Jigsaw event, players can visit the official PUBG Mobile Esports website. The website provides detailed information about the event, including the rules, the schedule, and the rewards.

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The PMGO Joyous Jigsaw event is a great opportunity for PUBG Mobile players to win exciting in-game rewards. With the event now live, players are encouraged to join and try their luck. Stay tuned for more updates on PUBG Mobile and the PMGO 2024 series.

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