PUBG Mobile Takes Gaming to the Next Level with 120 FPS Support

Big News for PUBG Mobile Players: Game Now Supports 120 FPS
Big News for PUBG Mobile Players: Game Now Supports 120 FPS [Image via: @PUBGMOBILE Twitter Handle]

Good news for all the PUBG Mobile players out there! The game has now started supporting 120 Frames Per Second (FPS). This was shared by PUBG Mobile on their official Twitter account.


In simple words, this means that the game will now run more smoothly and look more real. When we talk about FPS, it’s about how many pictures your game can show in one second. So, more FPS means more pictures in a second, which makes the game look smooth and real.

PUBG Mobile shared this news in a tweet that said, “Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience! #PUBGMOBILE now officially supports 120 FPS. More device support coming soon! Get ready for the smoothest gameplay yet.”

This is a big step for PUBG Mobile as it will make the game even better for the players. The game will now be more enjoyable and fun to play.

But that’s not all. PUBG Mobile also shared that they will be bringing this feature to more devices soon. This means that more players will be able to enjoy this new feature in the future.

To try out this new feature, players can go to the official PUBG Mobile website or click on the link given in the tweet.

The tweet also had the hashtags #PUBGMOBILEC6S18 and #PUBGM120FPS. This suggests that this new feature might be part of the upcoming Season 18 of the Classic Series.

With this new feature, PUBG Mobile is taking mobile gaming to a whole new level. Players all over the world are excited to try out this feature on their devices. With the game now running more smoothly, players are looking forward to the next season of PUBG Mobile.

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