PlayStation Announces Dual Access Controller Support for PS5

Image via: @AskPlayStation X

In a recent tweet, PlayStation has announced that two Access controllers can now be used simultaneously on a PS5. This is a significant development for gamers, as it allows for more flexibility and options when playing games.


The tweet from the official Ask PlayStation account reads: “2 Access controllers can be used simultaneously on a PS5🕹️🕹️. Access controllers can also be used at the same time with a DualSense wireless controller or a DualSense Edge wireless controller🎮.”

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This update means that players can now use two Access controllers at the same time, providing an enhanced gaming experience. This could be particularly useful for multiplayer games, where each player can have their own controller.

In addition to this, the Access controllers can also be used concurrently with a DualSense wireless controller or a DualSense Edge wireless controller. This provides even more options for gamers, allowing them to choose the controller setup that best suits their needs.

The tweet also included a link to a guide on how to use an Access controller with other controllers. This will be a valuable resource for gamers who want to take advantage of this new feature but are unsure how to set it up.

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This announcement is part of PlayStation’s ongoing commitment to improving the gaming experience for its users. By allowing for multiple controllers to be used at the same time, PlayStation is giving gamers more control and flexibility over their gaming setup.

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