PlayStation 5 Now Supports Keyboard and Mouse for Easier Chatting and Navigation

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In a move that’s sure to delight gamers, PlayStation has announced that its PS5 console now supports USB and Bluetooth keyboards and mice. This means you can type faster and navigate more easily on your PS5. Let’s break down this exciting news in simple words.


Keyboard Support for Quick Typing

If you’re a PS5 owner who loves to chat with friends while gaming, you’re in for a treat. PlayStation has made it possible to connect a keyboard to your PS5. This means you can type your messages much faster than before. And the best part? You can use either a USB keyboard or a Bluetooth one.

But that’s not all. PlayStation has also added a feature that lets you change how fast a letter repeats when you hold down a key. This is called the ‘key repeat rate’. By adjusting this rate, you can customize your typing speed to your liking.

Mouse Support for Easy Navigation

Along with keyboard support, PlayStation has also introduced mouse support for the PS5. This means you can now use a mouse to select items on your screen. This can be particularly handy when you’re navigating through menus or browsing the web on your console.

Just like with the keyboard, you can use either a USB mouse or a Bluetooth one. And you can even choose whether you want to use the mouse with your left or right hand.

Pairing a Bluetooth Device

If you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, you’ll need to pair it with your PS5. This is a simple process. First, you turn on pairing mode on your device. Then, on your PS5, you go to the settings menu and select ‘Bluetooth Accessories’. Your PS5 will then search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once it finds your device, you can select it to pair it with your PS5.

Once your device is paired, it will automatically connect to your PS5 whenever both are turned on. If it doesn’t connect automatically, you can manually connect it through the ‘Registered accessories’ option in the settings menu.

This new feature from PlayStation is a big step forward in improving the user experience on the PS5. By supporting keyboards and mice, PlayStation is making it easier for gamers to communicate and navigate on their console. So, whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore one, this update is sure to enhance your gaming experience.

Remember, for more detailed instructions on how to use a keyboard and mouse with your PS5, you can check out the guide on the PlayStation support page.

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