Palworld Releases Major Patch Update v0.2.2.0

Palworld Patch Update v0.2.2.0
Palworld Patch Update v0.2.2.0 [Image via: Palworld Twitter Handle]

April 15, 2024 – Palworld, the well-known game developer, has launched a major update for the Steam version of their game. This update, known as v0.2.2.0, is packed with a variety of fixes and enhancements that promise to improve the gaming experience for players.


The Xbox version of the update is also on the way and will be released once it’s ready.

Major Fixes

The most notable fix in this update is a correction to the damage dealt by Pal attacks. Previously, all Pal attacks were dealing only half the intended damage. This issue has now been addressed, which means players can expect more challenging and exciting battles in the game.

Additional Fixes

The update also includes several other improvements:

  • The hit detection for the “Nightmare Ray” and “Nightmare Bloom” attacks has been improved. This means these attacks will now be more accurate, making the game more enjoyable for players.
  • The issue of sleeping Pals jittering on Pal beds has been addressed. This fix adds a touch of realism to the game.
  • The character editing screen of the antique dresser can now be closed using the ESC key. This is a small but significant improvement to the game’s user interface.
  • Several other minor bugs have also been fixed, which will further enhance the game’s performance and stability.

In their announcement, Palworld expressed their gratitude to their supportive community, saying, “As always, thank you for supporting Palworld!”

We’ll keep you updated with more news from Palworld. Stay tuned!

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