Riot Games Introduces Braum in New 2v2 Fighter 2XKO

Riot Games Introduces Braum in New 2v2 Fighter 2XKO
Riot Games Introduces Braum in New 2v2 Fighter 2XKO (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

Riot Games has recently announced Braum as the latest champion for their upcoming 2v2 fighting game, 2XKO. This game is set in the League of Legends universe and will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2025. The news was shared on social media by PlayStation and Riot Games, generating excitement among fans.


2XKO, previously known as Project L, is a tag-team fighting game featuring popular characters from the League of Legends franchise. The game promises intense 2v2 battles with a diverse roster of champions. Some of the already revealed characters include Yasuo, Ekko, Ahri, Darius, and the newly announced Illaoi.

Braum, known as the Heart of the Freljord in the League of Legends, is a beloved character among players. He is famous for his protective abilities and strong shield. In 2XKO, Braum will bring his defensive skills to the arena, making him a formidable support character. Players can expect Braum to use his shield to block attacks and protect his teammates, staying true to his role in the original game.

The announcement of Braum adds to the growing anticipation for 2XKO. Riot Games has been sharing regular updates and details about the game. They recently showcased gameplay footage of Illaoi, another powerful champion. Illaoi is known for her brute strength and unique abilities, such as summoning spirit tentacles to attack her enemies. Her presence in 2XKO is expected to bring a dynamic playstyle to the game.

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2XKO will feature both familiar and new mechanics, aiming to provide an engaging experience for players. The game will include special moves, combos, and tag mechanics that allow players to switch between characters during battles. Riot Games is also focusing on creating a balanced and competitive environment for players of all skill levels.

The game will be available for playtesting later this year, giving players an early opportunity to experience the action. Riot Games has a history of involving the community in the development process, and they are expected to gather feedback to refine the game before its full release.

The introduction of Braum and other champions highlights Riot Games’ commitment to expanding the League of Legends universe. With the launch of 2XKO, players will have a new way to enjoy their favorite characters in a different genre. The game’s release in 2025 is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide.

For more information and updates about 2XKO, players can visit Riot Games’ official website and follow their social media channels. The upcoming playtests and continued reveals will keep the community engaged and excited about the future of this new fighting game.

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