New Collection Brings Classic Marvel vs. Capcom Games to PlayStation

New Collection Brings Classic Marvel vs. Capcom Games to PlayStation
New Collection Brings Classic Marvel vs. Capcom Games to PlayStation (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

June 19, 2024 – PlayStation has announced the upcoming release of the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics. This exciting collection, set to launch later this year, includes seven iconic arcade titles. The announcement, made via PlayStation’s official Twitter account, promises a nostalgic experience for fans of classic fighting games.


The Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection is a part of Capcom’s efforts to honor its fighting game legacy. This new collection focuses on bringing together some of the most beloved titles from the arcade era, including games that have not been widely available outside of arcades for years.

The collection features ten classic games, faithfully reproduced from their original versions. Among these are several from the popular Street Fighter series, all five Darkstalkers titles, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, and the rare Red Earth. Red Earth is particularly noteworthy as it has never been released on home consoles or PC before this collection​.

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Features and Enhancements

One of the significant highlights of the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection is the inclusion of new features to enhance the gaming experience. These features include a Training Mode, which allows players to practice and refine their skills, and online multiplayer options with rollback netcode for smooth, lag-free matches. Players can engage in casual, ranked, or custom matches, ensuring a variety of competitive play styles.

The collection also includes a Museum mode, which offers a rich archive of original design documents, artwork, and a music player with 400 tracks. This feature provides a deep dive into the history and development of these classic games, making it a treasure trove for fans and game historians alike.

A Nostalgic Journey

For many players, this collection is a trip down memory lane. The inclusion of titles like Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition and Super Gem Fighter Minimix evokes memories of the vibrant arcade culture of the 1990s. The five Darkstalkers games, including those previously exclusive to Japan, add to the collection’s appeal, offering both nostalgia and a chance to experience games that some fans may have missed​​.

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Capcom has also ensured that these classic games maintain their authentic arcade feel with display filters that replicate the look of CRT monitors. This attention to detail helps recreate the original experience, adding to the charm and authenticity of the collection​.

Accessibility and Gameplay

The Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection aims to be accessible to both new and returning players. Customizable difficulty settings and button controls allow players to tailor the gameplay to their preferences. The one-button special moves feature, although not available in ranked matches, is particularly helpful for beginners who might struggle with complex inputs​​.

The collection is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment. Whether playing offline against friends or AI, or challenging players worldwide in online matches, there’s something for every fighting game enthusiast. The quick save and load feature ensures that players can pick up right where they left off, making it convenient for those who have limited gaming time.

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The Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics is set to be a significant release for PlayStation this year. By bringing together a selection of iconic fighting games with modern enhancements and accessibility features, Capcom and PlayStation are catering to both long-time fans and new players. This collection is a celebration of the rich history of arcade fighting games and a testament to their enduring appeal.