Midas Returns to Fortnite: A Detailed Overview

Midas Returns to Fortnite: A Detailed Overview
Midas Returns to Fortnite: A Detailed Overview [image via Fortnite Twitter handle]

Midas is a popular character in Fortnite, known for his unique abilities and intriguing storyline. He first appeared in Fortnite during Chapter 2 Season 2 and quickly became a fan favorite. Midas is known for his golden touch, which allows him to turn weapons into their legendary gold versions, making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield.


The Absence and Return of Midas

Midas has been absent from the Fortnite island for some time now, after potentially escaping the loop in Chapter 2 Season 2. However, recent announcements suggest that Midas is set to make a triumphant return to the game. The return is expected to happen over the course of a new event in Chapter 5 Season 2.

What to Expect from the Return Event?

While the exact details of the event are yet to be confirmed, it is speculated that the event will go live next week after the 29.01 update. The event is expected to include Midas-related content, such as the final version of his skin, The Floor is Lava, and his own version of the Drum Gun.

The Impact of Midas’ Return

The return of Midas is expected to have a significant impact on the game dynamics. His famous Drum Gun, which is expected to make a comeback in Chapter 5 Season 2, could potentially shift the meta, influencing players’ strategies and gameplay.


The return of Midas is a testament to Fortnite’s dynamic and evolving gameplay that keeps players engaged with new events and character returns. As we anticipate the golden touch of Midas to grace the Fortnite island once again, players around the globe are gearing up to welcome back the Golden Boy of Fortnite. Happy hunting, trainers!

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