Exciting New Update for Dead Island 2: The SoLA Festival

Exciting New Update for Dead Island 2_ The SoLA Festival
Exciting New Update for Dead Island 2_ The SoLA Festival [Image via:]

April 17, 2024 – Fans of the popular video game Dead Island 2 have a reason to rejoice. A new update for the game is now available. This update, called the SoLA Festival, introduces new types of zombies that promise to make the game even more exciting.


In this update, players will come across two new types of zombies – the Whipper and the Clotter. The Whipper is a zombie that uses its own guts to attack players. On the other hand, the Clotter is a large zombie that can break apart and come back together, making it hard for players to keep track of it.

Richard Smith, who works on the art for the game, shared that these new types of zombies were created to give players a new challenge. They are not just scary to look at, but they also move quickly and have strong attacks. They can even stop players from using their special abilities.

The team behind the game came up with many ideas for new zombies before deciding on the Whipper and the Clotter. They made sure that these new zombies would fit well in the world of Dead Island 2.

The SoLA Festival update is sure to give players a fresh and exciting experience. With these new zombies, Dead Island 2 is set to become even more thrilling and fun. So, players, get ready to face these new challenges and enjoy the game like never before.

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