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How to change your Access controller settings
How to change your Access controller settings [Image via PlayStation Twitter Handle]

Hello, gamers! Today, we’re going to talk about a cool gadget that can make your gaming experience even better – the Access controller for PlayStation. This controller is special because you can change its settings to suit your style. Let’s see how!


Setting Up Your Controller

When you first get your Access controller, you need to set it up. It’s easy! Just go to the main screen of your PlayStation and click on ‘Settings’. Then, find ‘Accessories’ and click on ‘Access controller’.

Making the Controller Yours

Once you’re in the Access controller settings, you can start making it yours. Here’s what you can do:

Profile Library

This is where you can see all your saved profiles. You can change an existing profile or make a new one.

Swap Controllers

If you have two Access controllers, you can switch the profiles and names between them.

Display Button Toggle Status

This is a cool feature! If you turn this on, your screen will show you which buttons are being pressed down continuously. You can choose which buttons you want to toggle from the Button Assignments screen.

Brightness of Controller Indicators

You can change how bright the light on your Access controller is.

Edit Controller Name

You can give your Access controller a special name or change the name of a controller.

Reset Your Controller

If you want to start fresh, you can reset your Access controller. This will delete any profiles assigned to slots on the controller. But don’t worry, your saved profiles will still be on your PlayStation console.

Need Help?

If you’re having trouble with your Access controller, PlayStation has a troubleshooting guide that can help.

Wrapping Up

The Access controller is a great tool for gamers. It lets you customize your controller to fit your needs. So, go ahead and try changing your Access controller settings. Happy gaming!

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