Gekko: The New Valorant Agent Making Waves

Gekko: The New Valorant Agent Making Waves
Gekko: The New Valorant Agent Making Waves (Image via: Riot Games)

Riot Games introduced Gekko, a new agent in Valorant, on March 7, 2023. Gekko, an Initiator, stands out with his unique abilities that involve summoning various pets. This article explores Gekko’s origins, abilities, and the community’s reaction to his release.


Origins and Background

Gekko hails from Los Angeles, California. His laid-back personality and unique appearance, featuring vibrant hair and tattoos, reflect his California roots. His pets, Dizzy, Wingman, and Thrash, add to his distinctive charm, making him a beloved character among players.

Abilities Overview

Gekko’s abilities revolve around his three pets, each with its own unique powers:

  1. Dizzy (E): Dizzy flies forward and releases beams at enemies in its line of sight, blinding them. When Dizzy’s energy is depleted, it turns into a glob that can be picked up and reused after a short cooldown.
  2. Wingman (Q): Wingman scouts for enemies and releases a concussive blast upon finding one. It can also be directed to plant or defuse the spike, making it a versatile tool in various game scenarios. Similar to Dizzy, Wingman can be reused after a cooldown period​.
  3. Thrash (X): Thrash is Gekko’s ultimate ability. Players can control Thrash to lunge forward and detain enemies within its radius. Like the other pets, Thrash can be reclaimed and reused after a cooldown, but only once per round​​.

The Valorant community has warmly received Gekko, appreciating his playful design and innovative abilities. During the Valorant Champions Tour LOCK//IN event, Riot Games unveiled Gekko, sparking excitement among fans. Many compared Gekko to a Pokémon trainer due to his pet-based abilities. Teams like G2 Esports and Cloud9 humorously referenced Pokémon in their reactions, while others appreciated the fresh dynamic Gekko brings to the game​​.

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Gameplay Impact

Gekko’s abilities significantly impact gameplay, offering new strategies for both casual and competitive players. His pets provide versatile options for area control and spike management. Wingman’s ability to plant and defuse the spike is particularly noteworthy, adding a new layer of strategy to the game​.

Recent Updates and Bug Fixes

Since Gekko’s release, Riot Games has made several updates to address bugs and improve his abilities. Patch 6.05, released on March 14, 2023, included improvements to Wingman’s targeting accuracy for planting and defusing the spike, audio enhancements for Dizzy and Mosh Pit, and visual effects for ability reclamation. Additionally, various bugs affecting Gekko’s abilities were fixed, ensuring smoother gameplay​.

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