Free Hatchers Codes – Roblox (April 2024)

Free Hatchers Codes
Free Hatchers Codes [Image via: Free Hatchers]

Are you looking for Free Hatchers codes for April 2024? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This month, we have a fresh batch of codes that can enhance your Hatchers gaming experience.


The world of Hatchers is vast and full of surprises. With these Free Hatchers codes, you can unlock a whole new level of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, these codes are a great way to add more excitement to your gaming sessions.

All Pet Hatchers Codes – Roblox (April 2024)

Code Reward
NEWYEARS Redeem for 1 week of each X8 boost
HATCHERPASS Redeem for 24 hours of each X8 boost (New)
LIMITEDSTOCKPET Redeem for 30 minutes of x8 Candy and Event coins
HALLOWEEN Redeem for 5 days of x8 All boost
AQUA Redeem for 3 days of x8 boost
LUCKY Redeem for 24 hours of each X8 boost
COLONIAL Redeem for 24 hours of each X8 boost
EMPEROR Redeem for 24 hours of each X8 boost
FEDORA Redeem for a hat
NEWAIRDROP Redeem for 24 hours of each X8 boost
RAINBOWHORNS Redeem for 3 hours of All boost
TRADEWORLDS Redeem for 8 hours of All boost
VOIDCAPE Redeem for 8 hours of each X8 boost
STARCAPE Redeem for 24 hours of each X8 boost
PARTYALLDAY Redeem for 12 hours of each X8 boost
JELLY Redeem for 12 hours of each X8 boost
RAINBOW Redeem for a free reward
MUTATIONS Redeem for 3 hours of each X8 boost
ANIME Redeem for an Anime Pet
GREECE Redeem for a Greece Pet
SORRYFORTRADEBUG Redeem for 3 hours of every X8 boost *New servers only
CHINA Redeem for a 24-hour Luck Boost of All Bosts
GLOWSTICK Redeem for a 24-hour Luck Boost of All Bosts
INDIA Redeem for a 24-hour Luck Boost
SEASON3 Redeem for a Season 3 Pet
BARBIE Redeem for a Barbie Pet
4NCIENT3GYPT Redeem for an Egyptian Pet
SKULL Redeem for a Skull Pet
FREEBOOST Redeem for 6 hours of each Boost
EVENT Redeem for 8 hours 3x Boosts
FREEDOM Redeem for an American Theme Pet
CRAYON Redeem for a Crayon Pet
SUNNYSUMMER Redeem for a surprise Pet!
MARCELO Redeem for a Marcelo Pet
SORRYFORDELAY Redeem for a free Boost
100KLIKES Redeem for a surprise Pet!
MOONLIGHT Redeem for a Moonlight Pet
FREEPET??? Redeem for the Undying Flame Pet
FreeBoost Redeem for 48 hours of 3x Boosts
300KHatchers Redeem for a Free Pet
FirstCode Redeem for a free Pet

How to redeem codes in Free Hatchers?

To redeem codes in Free Hatchers, you need to follow these steps. Remember, you need to be following @FreeHackers on Twitter to use the codes!

  1. Open Free Hackers on Roblox.
  2. Click on the My Profile button, which is located on the left side of the screen.
  3. At the bottom of the pop-up box, type your Twitter username into the provided text box.
  4. Hit the VERIFY button. The game will confirm that you’re following @FreeHackers on Twitter. If you’ve just followed them, it might take a few tries to get verified.
  5. After verification, type your code into the text box labeled ENTER CODE. Make sure to enter it exactly as it’s listed.
  6. Finally, click on the green REDEEM button to get your reward!

What are Free Hatchers Codes?

Free Hatchers codes are special codes that you can use in the game Hatchers. These codes can give you access to new levels, characters, and even boost your game stats!

In April 2024, we have a list of fresh Free Hatchers codes ready for you. These codes can make your gaming experience even more fun. They can help you level up faster, unlock new characters, and give you an edge over other players.

How to Get More Free Hatchers Codes

Free Hatchers codes are a hot topic among gamers. They open up new possibilities in the game and make it even more exciting. But how can you get more of these codes?

The first step is to stay updated. The developers of Hatchers often release new codes. These codes are usually announced on their official social media pages @Free Hatchers on Twitter. So, make sure to follow them on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Another way to get more codes is by participating in community events. These events are often held in the Free Hatchers by Tapdrop Discord Server, and can be a great source of new codes.

Lastly, don’t forget to check back here regularly. We update our list of Free Hatchers codes every month. So, you can always find the latest codes for April 2024 right here.

What is Free Hatchers?

Free Hatchers is a popular game that you can play on Roblox. It’s a game that revolves around collecting pets. As a player, your task is to hatch eggs, which gives you pets. These pets then follow you around in the game, helping you collect coins and gems. The more pets you have, the more coins and gems you can collect.

But the real excitement in Free Hatchers comes from the Free Hatchers codes. These codes, particularly the ones for April 2024, can give your game a significant boost. They can help you get more pets, unlock new levels, and even enhance your game stats.

So, if you’re a fan of Free Hatchers, stay tuned. We’re about to delve into these codes and show you how to use them. And remember, playing the game becomes more fun when you have a few tricks up your sleeve!

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