Fortnite Kicks Off Chapter 5 Season 3 with Exciting Battle Pass Giveaway

Fortnite Kicks Off Chapter 5 Season 3 with Exciting Battle Pass Giveaway
Fortnite Kicks Off Chapter 5 Season 3 with Exciting Battle Pass Giveaway (Image via: Fortnite News X Handle)

Fortnite has launched its Chapter 5 Season 3 today, featuring an exciting new theme and a host of updates. To celebrate, Fortnite is giving away the new Battle Pass to five lucky winners. The announcement was made via the official Fortnite News Twitter account.


To participate in the giveaway, players need to follow the account @dailysgiveaways and retweet the giveaway post. The winners will be chosen randomly within 24 hours. This initiative aims to engage the community and provide a chance for more players to enjoy the new season’s offerings.

The new season, titled “Wrecked,” introduces a post-apocalyptic theme, transforming the southern part of the island into a wasteland due to a massive sandstorm. This update brings in the Wasteland Warriors, a group of fierce characters who have taken over different parts of the new biome​​.

The Battle Pass for Chapter 5 Season 3 includes a variety of skins and cosmetics. Players can unlock eight new skins by leveling up their Battle Pass and earning Battle Stars. Notable characters include The Machinist, Rust, Peabody, Ringmaster Scarr, T-60 Power Armor from the Fallout series, Brite Raider, and Megalo Don.

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In addition to new characters, the season introduces several gameplay enhancements. Vehicle mods make a return, allowing players to customize their rides with items like Nitro Splash, Nitro Barrels, and various turret options. Players can also equip SUVs with unique modifications and even hijack a War Bus, which comes equipped with cannons and an EMP horn​.

The new season also features collaborations with popular franchises such as Fallout and Marvel. Magneto, the legendary X-Men character, is included in the Battle Pass as a special skin available through Battle Pass quests in July​.

The Wrecked Battle Pass is available until August 16, 2024. Players who purchase the Battle Pass will automatically unlock The Machinist skin and can continue to earn more rewards by progressing through the levels. The Battle Pass includes a mix of original and collaboration skins, providing players with a diverse range of characters to play with​​.

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Fortnite’s latest season promises to keep players engaged with its rich content and exciting new features. The giveaway is a perfect way to start this season, offering players a chance to dive into the post-apocalyptic adventure without purchasing the Battle Pass.

For those looking to participate in the giveaway, remember to follow @dailysgiveaways and retweet the announcement post. Winners will be announced in the next 24 hours, so good luck to all participants!

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