Facebook and Instagram Hit by Major Outage: Here’s What Happened

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Hey there, did you hear the news? Facebook and Instagram, two of the biggest social media platforms out there, experienced a major outage. And guess what? It wasn’t just in India, but in several other parts of the world too!


The Outage

So, here’s the deal. At around 7:32 PM IST, users started experiencing issues. By 9:00 PM IST, it was clear something big was going down. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Threads – all these Meta-owned platforms were affected.

The Impact

Imagine trying to log into your Facebook account and getting booted out. Or scrolling through your Instagram feed and it just won’t refresh. That’s exactly what users were facing.

And it wasn’t just Facebook and Instagram. Reports were coming in about issues with other sites too, like YouTube, Google Play, Threads, and X (formerly Twitter). It’s still unclear whether these were related or separate issues.

Meta’s Response

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, acknowledged the issues and said they were on it. But they didn’t provide any clear info about what caused the outage or when the services would be back up and running.

The Aftermath

The outage had a huge impact. We’re talking about three and a half lakh users reporting issues with Instagram, and approximately 3,53,000 users having problems with Facebook. This global outage is one of the most significant disruptions of 2024 so far.

What’s Next?

Right now, we’re all in the same boat, waiting for updates and hoping for a quick fix. So, stay tuned for more updates on this major Facebook and Instagram outage affecting users in India and across the globe

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