Concord: A New PvP Multiplayer FPS Game Coming in August 2024

Concord: A New PvP Multiplayer FPS Game Coming in August 2024
Concord: A New PvP Multiplayer FPS Game Coming in August 2024 (Image via:

Firewalk Studios, a team of experienced game developers, has unveiled their new game, Concord. This exciting new PvP multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) is set to launch on August 23, 2024, for PS5 and PC. The announcement came during the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase, generating considerable buzz among gaming enthusiasts​​.


Game Overview

Concord is a competitive FPS that promises to deliver a unique and engaging multiplayer experience. Developed by a team of industry veterans, including former Bungie developers who worked on Destiny and Halo, the game is set in a vibrant sci-fi universe​. The developers at Firewalk Studios describe Concord as a game that brings people together, emphasizing social play and connection through gaming.

Gameplay and Features

Although specific gameplay details are still under wraps, the reveal trailer showcased a retro sci-fi aesthetic, complete with a messy spaceship and modified weapons. Firewalk Studios aims to create a game filled with unexpected moments and adventures every time players log in. Each match in Concord is designed to be a new story, fostering unique and memorable multiplayer experiences​.

Developer Background

Firewalk Studios was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in April 2023, becoming a first-party PlayStation studio. The team is composed of developers with extensive experience from renowned studios like Bungie, Respawn, and Treyarch, who have worked on popular titles such as Destiny, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty. This rich background in FPS development bodes well for the quality and potential success of Concord​​.

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Live-Service Elements

Concord is part of Sony’s broader strategy to expand its live-service game offerings. While detailed information on the live-service aspects of the game is limited, it is expected to include features that encourage ongoing engagement and social interaction among players. This aligns with Sony’s recent focus on developing more live-service games to enhance its gaming portfolio​.

Community and Social Play

A key theme in Concord is the emphasis on building connections and fostering social play. Firewalk Studios aims to create a multiplayer environment where players can share exciting and unexpected experiences. The game is designed to be a platform for creating new stories and adventures with each login, highlighting the power of games to bring people together​​.

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