Exciting New Content in Call of Duty: Mobile with Fierce Fragments Draw

Exciting New Content in Call of Duty: Mobile with Fierce Fragments Draw
Exciting New Content in Call of Duty: Mobile with Fierce Fragments Draw (Image via: @PlayCODMobile X Handle)

The popular game Call of Duty: Mobile has launched a new in-game event called the Fierce Fragments Draw. This exciting update is part of Season 5, known as “Digital Dusk,” which is currently captivating players with its fresh features and nonstop action. The Fierce Fragments Draw was officially released on May 23, 2024, and will be available until June 23, 2024​.


What’s New in Fierce Fragments Draw?

The main attraction of this draw is the Legendary Machine Pistol – Illuminous Fragments. This weapon is highly coveted due to its exceptional design and impressive in-game performance. Alongside this, players can also unlock the Legendary Character – Foxtrot – Deadly Fragments, which brings a unique aesthetic and enhanced abilities to the game​.

The full list of rewards includes:

  • Legendary Machine Pistol – Illuminous Fragments
  • Legendary Character – Foxtrot – Deadly Fragments
  • Epic Rytec AMR – Fierce Fragments
  • Epic FHJ-18 – Fierce Fragments
  • Epic Helicopter – Fierce Fragments
  • Epic Parachute 2 – Fierce Fragments
  • Epic Concussion Grenade – Fierce Fragments
  • Epic Emote – Shattered Glass
  • Legendary Calling Card – Illuminous Fragments
  • Legendary Charm – Fierce Fragments

These items are designed to enhance the player’s experience by offering both functional and visual upgrades​​.

How to Participate

To participate in the Fierce Fragments Draw, players need to log into the game and navigate to the draw section. Each draw attempt requires in-game currency, which can be earned or purchased. The event’s structure allows players to acquire new items through a randomized process, adding an element of excitement and anticipation​.

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The Call of Duty: Mobile community has shown significant excitement about the Fierce Fragments Draw. Players are eagerly participating and sharing their experiences and new loot on social media. The introduction of the Legendary Machine Pistol and the Legendary Character has particularly captured the attention of the gaming community, with many praising the detailed design and enhanced gameplay features these items offer​​.

Season 5: Digital Dusk Highlights

Season 5, named “Digital Dusk,” continues to impress with its comprehensive updates. Besides the Fierce Fragments Draw, this season includes new maps, modes, and weapons that have kept players engaged. The season aims to provide a fresh and thrilling experience, ensuring that both new and veteran players have something exciting to look forward to each time they log in​​.

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