Big Discounts on Sniper Elite Games in Latest Steam Sale

Big Discounts on Sniper Elite Games in Latest Steam Sale
Big Discounts on Sniper Elite Games in Latest Steam Sale (Image via: @Steam X Handle)

June 7, 2024 – Steam is offering massive discounts on the Sniper Elite franchise, with savings of up to 90%. This sale includes many games from the series, making it an excellent opportunity for both new and veteran players to expand their collection.


The Sniper Elite series, developed by Rebellion Developments, is known for its tactical shooter gameplay. The franchise has grown since its first release in 2005, with the latest installment, Sniper Elite 5, launching in 2022. The games are set during World War II and follow the adventures of elite sniper Karl Fairburne as he undertakes various missions against Nazi forces.

Highlights of the Sale

The sale offers significant discounts across the entire franchise. This includes not only the mainline games but also spin-offs and downloadable content (DLC) packs. Games like Sniper Elite 4 and Sniper Elite 5 are part of the sale, as well as DLCs that provide additional missions and weapons.

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The Sniper Elite games are praised for their realistic bullet physics, immersive environments, and the infamous X-ray kill cam that shows the destructive power of well-placed shots. The latest game, Sniper Elite 5, enhances these features with new mechanics such as co-op play, expanded customization options, and an engaging single-player campaign​.

Sniper Elite 5 introduced new gameplay modes like Invasion Mode, where players can invade others’ campaigns as enemy snipers, adding a competitive edge to the game. There’s also a cooperative mode where players can team up to complete missions​​.

Why You Should Buy

Value for Money: With discounts reaching up to 90%, this sale offers a great value for both new players looking to start the series and long-time fans wanting to complete their collection.

Quality: The Sniper Elite games are known for their high quality and attention to detail. The combination of historical settings, advanced game mechanics, and engaging storylines make these games highly replayable.

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Community and Support: The series has a robust community and continues to receive support and updates from the developers. This ensures a lively multiplayer environment and ongoing improvements to gameplay​​.

Additional Information

The Sniper Elite franchise isn’t just limited to video games. It also includes novels, comics, and even a potential film adaptation. This expansion into different media shows the rich storytelling and engaging world that Rebellion Developments has created.

Novels and Comics: Several novels and comics have been published, expanding the story of Karl Fairburne and providing fans with deeper insights into the game’s world​​.

Film Adaptation: A film adaptation is reportedly in development, which will bring the intense action and strategic gameplay of Sniper Elite to the big screen​.

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