Apex Legends Esports: All You Need to Know About the Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs

Apex Legends Esports Announces ALGS Split 1 Playoffs
Apex Legends Esports Announces ALGS Split 1 Playoffs [Image via: Apex Legends Esports Twitter Handle]

Apex Legends Esports has recently announced the details of the much-anticipated Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs. Here’s everything you need to know about the event:


The Teams and The Prize

The playoffs will feature 40 of the best Apex Legends teams from around the world, including 30 teams from each Pro League region and teams from the SA Challenger Circuit. These teams will compete for their share of the staggering $1,000,000 USD prize pool.

The Venue and The Dates

The playoffs will take place from May 2-5, 2024, at the Galen Center located in the heart of Los Angeles. Tickets for the event can be found at

The Merchandise

To commemorate the Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs, there will be exclusive Apex Legends Global Series merch available that you can only purchase at this event.

The Competition Format

The playoffs will utilize a familiar Group Stage to Double-Elimination bracket competition format. The 40-team Group Stage will take place across the first two days of competition on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, every team will be assigned a starting position in the Double-Elimination Bracket Stage based on their Group Stage performance. The top 20 teams will advance to the Match Point Finals.

The Match Point Finals will take place on Sunday and consist of a single Match Point format series to determine the Split 1 Playoffs Champion. In the Match Point format, once a team reaches fifty (50) points, they will become Match Point Eligible. The first Match Point Eligible Team to win a match (by placing first) will be declared the winner.

The Fan Experience

Fans attending in person will have opportunities to potentially meet-and-greet their favorite pros and Apex Legends creators while checking out all the cool merch at the various Team Merch Booths. On Friday and Saturday, the event will be hosting “1v1 a Creator”, where fans will have the opportunity to go up against an Apex Legends creator in the Firing Range.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the event.

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