BGMI 3.2 Update expected release date, themed mode, and more

BGMI [Image via BGMI]

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a game loved by many, is getting ready to launch a big update. This update is called 3.2 and it’s creating a lot of excitement among players.


When is it coming?

The 3.2 update is expected to be ready for players in the third week of May 2024. This is after the current 3.1 update ends. But remember, this date is not final yet. The update will first be available for Android devices and then, after a few hours, for iOS devices. This is a big update, so make sure you have enough space on your device to download it.

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What’s new in this update?

Every big update in BGMI is based on a theme. The modes and features introduced in the update are related to this theme. The 3.2 update is based on a Mecha Fusion theme, which is similar to Transformers.

Here are some of the cool features you can expect in the new update:

  • Jetpacks: These will let you fly from one place to another.
  • Flying vehicles: These are based on the Transformers theme and will let you move quickly from one place to another.
  • Ground vehicles: These are also based on the Transformers theme. They look like robots and you can sit and travel in them. They can also shoot bullets and rockets.
  • Magnet Gun: If you shoot this at a transformer vehicle, the vehicle will be pulled towards you.
  • Self Rescue feature: If you get knocked down, you can revive yourself.
  • Green Flare Gun: You can use this to bring back teammates instantly.
  • Robot vehicles: You can combine a flying robot vehicle and a ground robot vehicle to make a giant robot.
  • Helicopter: This will be available in Classic mode matches.

The BGMI 3.2 update is going to bring a lot of fun and new strategies. Also, with the start of the new season, the tiers and ranking will reset. So, push as hard as you can. Stay tuned for more updates on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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