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The results for the Kerala State Lottery’s Sthree Sakthi SS 422 draw were announced today, July 2, 2024. The lottery, known for its life-changing prizes, has once again created a wave of excitement among participants. The draw was held in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, where the Kerala State Lotteries department conducts its regular draws.


Overview of Kerala State Lottery

Kerala’s lottery system is one of the oldest and most trusted in India. It began in 1967, aiming to provide employment and generate revenue for the government without imposing additional taxes. Over the years, it has gained immense popularity due to its transparency and the substantial prizes it offers.

The Sthree Sakthi lottery is one of the many weekly lotteries organized by the Kerala State Lotteries department. Each ticket costs just ₹40, making it an affordable chance for many to try their luck. The top prize for the Sthree Sakthi lottery is a whopping ₹75 lakh, which can be life-changing for the winner.

Details of Sthree Sakthi SS 422 Draw

The Sthree Sakthi SS 422 draw took place under strict supervision to ensure fairness. The draw number SS 422, like every week, was eagerly awaited by thousands of ticket holders. The results were published on the official website of Kerala State Lotteries soon after the draw.

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Here are the winning numbers for the Sthree Sakthi SS 422 draw:

  • First Prize (₹75 lakh):
  • Second Prize (₹10 lakh):
  • Third Prize (₹5 lakh):
  • Consolation Prize (₹8,000):

Additionally, there are multiple lower-tier prizes, including ₹1 lakh, ₹5,000, ₹2,000, ₹1,000, ₹500, and ₹100. The full list of winning numbers is available on the official Kerala State Lotteries website.

How to Check the Results

Participants can check the results of the Sthree Sakthi SS 422 draw on the official Kerala State Lotteries website or through authorized lottery agents. The results are also published in various local newspapers the following day.

To claim a prize, winners must follow the process outlined by the Kerala State Lotteries department. Prizes above ₹5,000 must be claimed at a lottery office with valid identification and the original winning ticket. Prizes below ₹5,000 can be claimed directly from any authorized lottery retailer.

Prize Claim Process

Claiming a prize involves a few essential steps:

  1. Verify the Winning Number: Ensure that your ticket matches the winning number.
  2. Sign the Ticket: Sign the back of your winning ticket to establish ownership.
  3. Submit Required Documents: Prizes above ₹5,000 require submission of the winning ticket, two passport-sized photographs, and valid identification proof.
  4. Fill Claim Form: Complete the claim form available at the lottery office or online.
  5. Submit the Claim: Submit your claim form and documents to the nearest lottery office.
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It’s important to note that winners must claim their prizes within 30 days of the draw date.

Tax Implications

Lottery winnings in India are subject to taxation. As per current laws, a tax deduction at source (TDS) of 30% is applied to lottery winnings above ₹10,000. Winners will receive the prize amount after this deduction. It is advisable to consult with a tax professional to understand the complete tax implications of your winnings.

Impact of the Kerala Lottery

The Kerala State Lottery has a significant impact on the lives of many people. For some, it provides an opportunity to improve their financial status dramatically. The revenue generated from lottery ticket sales supports various state welfare programs, including education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

Many stories have emerged of individuals whose lives were transformed by their lottery winnings. From funding children’s education to paying off debts, the lottery has been a beacon of hope for many.

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The Kerala State Lottery’s Sthree Sakthi SS 422 draw on July 2, 2024, has once again brought excitement and anticipation. With substantial prizes and a transparent system, the Kerala lottery continues to be a popular choice for many hoping to change their fortunes. If you hold a ticket for this draw, check the results and follow the necessary steps to claim your prize. Who knows, you might be the next big winner!

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