Voice Actor from Overwatch Joins the Leadership of Ex Oblivione


Matilda Smedius, a famous voice actor from Sweden, has joined Ex Oblivione. She is known for giving voice to the character Brigitte in the game Overwatch. Now, she is a co-owner of Ex Oblivione, a well-known esports organisation in Europe.


Ex Oblivione’s Growth

Ex Oblivione is growing fast. With Matilda Smedius joining them, they hope to become one of the top Overwatch teams in the region. They have already won several Overwatch Contenders tournaments. Now, they are preparing for the upcoming EMEA segment of the Overwatch Champions Series.

Overwatch Champions Series

The Overwatch Champions Series is a new global tournament series. It is created by Activision Blizzard and ESL FACEIT Group. This series will replace the old Overwatch League. The details of this series are still not fully known. But, Toronto Defiant, one of the Overwatch League teams, has already announced its plans to compete in the league.

Leadership of Ex Oblivione

Matilda Smedius is now part of the leadership team of Ex Oblivione. She is working with Kevin Hondijk, the Founder and Managing Director, and Vidyuth Manu, the Director of Operations. Matilda, who is best known as the voice of Brigitte in Overwatch, brings a unique perspective to the team.

Restructuring of Ex Oblivione

Ex Oblivione is currently restructuring itself. They have welcomed Matilda Smedius and are setting new goals for the future. The organisation believes in putting players first. They say that everything they do is for the players.

Ex Oblivione’s Commitment

Ex Oblivione is committed to working with companies that share its values. They care about the environment and the community. They aim to achieve zero net emissions as soon as possible. They want to be the best example of what an esports team should be.

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