Steam Announces Massive Discounts in TinyBuild Publisher Sale

Steam Announces Massive Discounts in TinyBuild Publisher Sale
Steam Announces Massive Discounts in TinyBuild Publisher Sale (Image via: Steam X Handle)

On May 22, 2024, Steam, a popular digital distribution platform for video games, announced an exciting new sale. The TinyBuild Publisher Sale offers discounts of up to 80% on many games. Steam revealed this news on their official Twitter account, attracting a lot of attention from gamers worldwide.


TinyBuild is a well-known video game developer and publisher. They are famous for producing indie games that are creative and fun. Some of their popular titles include “Hello Neighbor,” “SpeedRunners,” and “Graveyard Keeper.” This sale allows gamers to buy these games and more at very low prices.

Steam regularly holds sales to promote different publishers and developers. These sales provide an excellent opportunity for gamers to expand their libraries without spending much money. The TinyBuild Publisher Sale is one of these events. It will include discounts on both well-known and lesser-known titles.

One of the highlights of the sale is “Hello Neighbor.” This stealth horror game has been a hit among players for its unique gameplay and challenging puzzles. During the sale, “Hello Neighbor” is available at a significantly reduced price. This discount makes it a great time for new players to try the game.

Another popular game included in the sale is “SpeedRunners.” This multiplayer racing game has been praised for its fast-paced action and competitive gameplay. The game is now available at a fraction of its original cost. This discount is sure to attract both new players and those who have been waiting for a price drop.

“Graveyard Keeper,” a graveyard management simulation game, is also part of the sale. The game offers a dark, humorous take on the simulation genre. Players can manage their graveyard, expand into new areas, and uncover the mysteries of their world. The sale price makes it an attractive option for fans of simulation games.

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In addition to these popular titles, the TinyBuild Publisher Sale features many other games. “Party Hard,” an action stealth game where players stop noisy parties, is one such game. Another is “Hello Engineer,” a multiplayer construction game set in the “Hello Neighbor” universe. Both of these games, along with many others, are available at discounted prices during the sale.

Steam sales like this one are known for their limited-time offers. The TinyBuild Publisher Sale will only be available for a short period. Gamers are encouraged to take advantage of the discounts while they last. The exact end date of the sale is not specified in the tweet, but Steam usually updates this information on their sale page.

Sales like the TinyBuild Publisher Sale are a win-win for both the developers and the players. Developers get to reach a wider audience and increase their sales, while players get access to great games at lower prices. This collaboration between Steam and TinyBuild is another example of how the gaming industry continues to thrive through digital distribution and promotional events.

The TinyBuild Publisher Sale on Steam is a golden opportunity for gamers to explore new games or complete their collections. With discounts of up to 80%, there is something for everyone. Whether you are into horror, racing, simulation, or action games, the TinyBuild Publisher Sale has something to offer. Be sure to check out the sale on Steam’s official website and grab your favorite games before the discounts end.

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