Second Piece codes – Roblox (April 2024)

Second Piece codes
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Are you on the hunt for the latest on Second Piece codes? As we kick off April 2024, it’s the perfect time to get to grips with these codes. Second Piece codes are not just random numbers and letters. They are a special part of programming. This month, we’ll learn about these codes, understand how they work, and see how they can change the way we code.


So, why not join us on this journey? With Second Piece codes in our hands, there’s so much we can do in the world of coding. Here’s to a fun-filled April 2024, a month dedicated to learning all about Second Piece codes!

All Working Second Piece codes – Roblox (April 2024)

Code Reward Level Required
!code AegonTargaryen 5 Race Rerolls 7,500
!code Alter Rerolls 5,000 (New)
!code Balerion 5 Race Rerolls 7,500
!code CID 5 Race Rerolls 7,500
!code Clover Rerolls 8,500
!code DoubleShutdownAta Rerolls 8,500
!code Draconic 5 Race Rerolls 7,500
!code Frieren Rerolls 5,000
!code Hunter Rerolls 5,000 (New)
!code Igris Rerolls 5,000 (New)
!code KamishWrath Rerolls 5,000
!code Kokushibo Rerolls 5,000
!code Mei 5 Race Rerolls 5,000
!code NeoOnLow 5 Race Rerolls 5,000
!code NoMoreAltForRaidCoin Rerolls 5,000
!code PortalTicket Portal Ticket
!code QualityOfLifee Rerolls 5,000
!code RaidJustice Rerolls 8,000
!code ShutdownMahou Rerolls 5,000
!code TripleShutdownEEE Rerolls 8,500
!code Tywin Rerolls 5,000
!code Viserys 15k Gems
!code chxmei Rerolls 7,500
!code damagebug 5 Race Rerolls and 35k Gems 7,500
!code eddardstarrk Rerolls 7,500
!code gojoontop Rerolls 7,500
!code housetargaryen Race Reroll and 5000 Gems
!code jjkupdatepart2isreal Rerolls 7,500
!code qualityoflife Rerolls 5,000
!code strangeFake Rerolls 5,000 (New)
!code sukunaontop 5 Race Rerolls
!code techniquefromtheheianera Rerolls 5,000

How to Redeem Second Piece codes?

Here’s a simple way to use codes in Second Piece:

  1. Start the Second Piece game on Roblox.
  2. Look for the chat box, it’s usually in the top-left corner.
  3. Type your code into the chat text field.
  4. Hit the Enter key and enjoy your reward! It’s as easy as that.

What are Second Piece codes

Second Piece codes are not just a mix of random numbers and letters. They have a specific role in programming. This month, we’re going to explore these codes in depth. We’ll understand their function and how they can make coding more engaging and fun.

How to get More Second Piece codes

Getting more Second Piece codes is not as hard as it might seem. The developers or the community often share these codes. You can find them on social media, Discord in online forums, or on the game’s official website.

But remember, codes can expire. So, it’s important to stay updated. Check for new codes regularly and use them as soon as you can.

So, are you ready to start collecting more Second Piece codes? With these tips, you’ll have a bunch of new codes in no time. Here’s to a successful April 2024 with Second Piece codes!

What is Second Piece

Second Piece is a game on Roblox. It’s made by a user named Chxmei. The game is simple but fun. You level up, get stronger, learn new abilities, and fight with others. These abilities come from different animes like One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen.

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