PUBG Mobile’s Metro Royale Chapter 21: Bigger Threats and Bigger Guns

PUBG Mobile's Metro Royale Chapter 21: Bigger Threats and Bigger Guns
PUBG Mobile’s Metro Royale Chapter 21: Bigger Threats and Bigger Guns (Image via: @PUBGMOBILE X Handle)

On July 7, 2024, PUBG Mobile announced the arrival of Chapter 21 in its popular Metro Royale mode. The update introduces larger threats, prompting players to equip themselves with powerful weaponry to survive the new challenges.


New Challenges in Metro Royale

Chapter 21 brings several significant changes to the Metro Royale mode. Players will face new enemies, including formidable Mecha Fusion-themed adversaries like the Strider. These threats require advanced strategies and better gear to overcome. The addition of new enemies aims to elevate the intensity and excitement of the gameplay, making each match more challenging and rewarding​​.

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Exciting New Features

With the introduction of Chapter 21, PUBG Mobile players can expect new gameplay mechanics and items. The update includes the arrival of Repair Equipment, allowing players to fix their gear mid-match, and Gift Packs that offer various in-game rewards. Additionally, players can earn Honor Rewards and collect Chapter 20 collectibles, which now include the Heavy Mecha​.

Strategy and Survival

To succeed in Metro Royale Chapter 21, players must adopt new strategies. The game mode continues to focus on reaching extraction points while fending off both other players and AI-controlled enemies. The new chapter emphasizes the importance of pre-game planning, including selecting the right loadout to handle the increased difficulty. Night Vision Goggles and Grenade Launchers are some of the new items that will aid players in their quest for survival​​.

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Player Experience Enhancements

The update not only brings new enemies and items but also enhances the overall player experience. The developers have introduced new environments and updates to the World of Wonder (WOW) mode, which include new gameplay devices and a Steel Arena map template. These additions provide players with fresh and engaging content, ensuring that the game remains dynamic and enjoyable.

The PUBG Mobile community has shown excitement for the new chapter. Players are eager to explore the new features and face the tougher challenges that come with Chapter 21. The update promises to keep the game engaging and competitive, attracting both veteran players and newcomers to the Metro Royale mode.