PUBG Mobile Unveils New Glit Set and Majestic Cavalry Set

Glit Set and Majestic Cavalry Set
Image via: PUBG MOBILE Twitter Handle

In a recent tweet, PUBG Mobile announced the release of their latest Glit Set, the Luminous Muse Set, and the Luminous Muse – M762. The new set is available from April 24 to May 23.


The Luminous Muse Set is expected to provide players with a unique and stylish look on the battlefield. The set includes a variety of items, all designed with a luminous theme. The Luminous Muse – M762, a new weapon skin, is also part of this set, allowing players to showcase their style while taking down enemies.

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In addition to the Luminous Muse Set, PUBG Mobile also announced the return of the majestic Cavalry Set. This set was a fan favorite when it was first released, and its return is sure to excite many players.

The announcement was made on PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account, with the hashtag #PUBGMMuseGiltset. The tweet also included a link to the PUBG Mobile website where players can learn more about the new sets and how to acquire them.

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This release is part of PUBG Mobile’s Season 17, as indicated by the hashtag #PUBGMOBILEC6S17. The new season has brought a host of new content and updates for players to enjoy.

With these new sets, PUBG Mobile continues to provide its players with fresh and exciting content, keeping the game vibrant and engaging. Players are eagerly awaiting to unleash the power of the new Glit Set and the returning Cavalry Set on the battlefield.

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