PUBG Mobile Introduces the New P90 SMG in Latest Update

PUBG Mobile Introduces the New P90 SMG in Latest Update
PUBG Mobile Introduces the New P90 SMG in Latest Update [Image via: PUBG MOBILE Twitter Handle]

In a significant update, PUBG Mobile has introduced the P90 submachine gun (SMG) to its virtual battleground. The announcement was made through a tweet from the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account.


The P90, a renowned firearm in various shooter games, is known for its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity. The tweet reveals that this sleek SMG will now be available in air drops within the game, adding a new layer of strategy for players vying for these valuable resources.

Interestingly, the P90 comes fully loaded with attachments, suggesting that players will be able to enhance the weapon with various modifications to increase its firepower. This feature is expected to make the P90 a highly sought-after weapon in the game, potentially shifting the balance of power in matches.

The tweet also included a link, which likely leads to more details about the new weapon and the current season of the game, C6S17. This suggests that the introduction of the P90 is part of a broader update for the season, which could include other new features and improvements.

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PUBG Mobile has a history of rolling out updates and improvements based on player feedback. The introduction of the P90 is likely a response to player requests for more weapon variety and strategic options. It also demonstrates the game’s commitment to providing a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience.

The addition of the P90 is expected to have a significant impact on the game’s meta, forcing players to adapt their strategies to account for the new weapon. It will be interesting to see how players incorporate the P90 into their tactics and how it affects the overall balance of the game.

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As always, PUBG Mobile continues to deliver exciting updates and new content for its players. Stay tuned for more information about the P90 and other updates in the future.

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