PUBG Mobile Announces Mecha Coating Contest with $20,000 Prize Pool

PUBG Mobile Announces Mecha Coating Contest with $20,000 Prize Pool
PUBG Mobile Announces Mecha Coating Contest with $20,000 Prize Pool (Image via: PUBG MOBILE X Handle)

May 23, 2024 – PUBG Mobile has launched an exciting new contest for its creative community. The Mecha Coating Contest invites players to design their own Mecha-themed coatings for a chance to win part of a $20,000 prize pool. Entries can be submitted via the official contest page on PUBG Mobile’s website.


Contest Details

The Mecha Coating Contest is a global event where players can showcase their artistic skills. The contest aims to engage the community by allowing them to create unique Mecha designs, which could potentially be featured in the game. The contest comes as part of the ongoing updates and enhancements PUBG Mobile has been introducing, particularly with the new Mecha Fusion Mode in the latest 3.2 update​​.

Prize Distribution

The prize pool is divided among several categories:

  • Gold Award (3 winners): Each receives $5,000.
  • Silver Award (7 winners): Each receives $2,000.
  • Bronze Award (15 winners): Each receives $1,000.
  • Outstanding Award (100 winners): Each receives $500.
  • Popularity Award (20 winners): Each receives $300.
  • Shortlist Award: Winners receive in-game items like the PUBG MOBILE purple outfit​​.
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How to Participate

Participants need to submit their entries through the contest page. Each entry should include a detailed design and can be inspired by the elements of the game’s Mecha Fusion theme. Designers are encouraged to use as many PUBG-related elements as possible. All entries must be original and not plagiarized from other sources​​.

New Game Updates

The Mecha Coating Contest coincides with the launch of PUBG Mobile’s 3.2 update, which introduced several new features:

  • Mecha Fusion Mode: This new mode features futuristic gameplay with mecha robots, jetpacks, and magnet guns. Players can collect parts scattered across the map to build powerful robot suits for combat​​.
  • Metro Royale Updates: The update brings new enemies and features to the Metro Royale mode, enhancing the gameplay experience with Mecha-themed content​.
  • World of Wonder (WOW) Additions: New gameplay devices and environments have been introduced, allowing for more creative and strategic play​.
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Judging and Winners

Entries will be judged based on creativity, adherence to the Mecha theme, and overall design quality. Winners will be notified via email and must respond within 96 hours to claim their prizes. The winners’ list will be published three months after the contest ends​​.

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