PUBG EMEA Championship Live: Spring – Group Stage – Day 3

PUBG EMEA Championship_ Spring __ Group Stage - Day 3
PUBG EMEA Championship_ Spring __ Group Stage – Day 3 [Screenshot via: Twitter Broadcast]
The PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring is the premier PUBG: Battlegrounds tournament for the Europe, Middle East & Africa. The Group Stage of the championship is a crucial part of the tournament, determining which teams advance to the Grand Finals and which teams will have to fight for their place in the Last Chance round.




The Group Stage consists of 3 groups of 8 teams. Each group plays against other groups in a round-robin system (AvsB, BvsC & AvsC). There are 6 matches per Group match-up, meaning each team plays 12 matches in total. The teams’ placements are based on all 18 matches.

Day 3 Results

On Day 3, the teams continued their battle for supremacy. The top 8 teams after all matches would advance to the Grand Finals, while the bottom 16 teams would be placed into the Last Chance round.

Here are the standings after Day 3:

  1. MadBulls – 72 points
  2. Acend – 64 points
  3. BetBoom Team – 59 points
  4. Natus Vincere – 43 points
  5. LULW – 42 points
  6. Any Trolls in Chat – 42 points
  7. Baldinini – 33 points
  8. No Tag Team – 29 points
These teams showed exceptional performance and strategy, securing their spots in the top 8. The remaining teams will have to step up their game in the upcoming matches to secure their place in the Grand Finals.

The PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring continues to be a thrilling event, showcasing some of the best PUBG teams from Europe, Middle East & Africa. As the Group Stage progresses, each match becomes more intense, with teams battling not just for victory, but for survival. Stay tuned for more updates as the championship unfolds.

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