Potential Ban Looms Over BGMI in India: A Second Time?

BGMI [Image via BGMI]

New Delhi, India – The Indian gaming industry, one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia, is once again facing a potential setback. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a popular title among Indian gamers, is reportedly under the Indian government’s scrutiny. The government’s concerns revolve around the potential misuse of user data, which, according to some reports, could be linked directly to China. This has led to widespread speculation among the gaming community about the possibility of BGMI facing a ban in India.

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BGMI Under Government’s Lens

A report by News18 has revealed that an official from the Union government’s cybersecurity division, who liaises with law enforcement agencies, has suggested discontinuing BGMI in India. The concerns surrounding BGMI have arisen due to a variety of factors.

One such incident involves the entry of Pakistani national Seema Haider into India, who reportedly met her partner Sachina Meena through BGMI. This incident has raised questions about the potential misuse of the platform.

Moreover, the Indian government has expressed concerns about the nature of data being collected by BGMI. The data, which could include location, audio, and other crucial information, is feared to be used for cyberattacks and surveillance. This concern is further amplified by the fact that BGMI is a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile, a game previously banned in India due to its connections with Chinese partners.

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Uncertainty Over BGMI’s Future

While reports suggest that BGMI’s servers are located in the US, Indian authorities remain skeptical about the possibility of user data being transferred elsewhere. This uncertainty has led to a detailed inquiry into Krafton, the company behind BGMI. A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the issue, and the outcome could potentially determine the future of BGMI in India.

As of now, Krafton has not officially responded to these concerns. The upcoming meeting is expected to address BGMI’s data transfer issues. If the authorities are not satisfied with Krafton’s responses, the game could face a ban.

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Potential Impact on the Indian Gaming Landscape

The Indian gaming industry, with around 450 million people on various gaming platforms as per the FICCI-EY report, is emerging as the fastest-growing gaming market in Asia. BGMI, with its 100 million users, of which 71.8% engage in eSports, plays a significant role in this growth. A potential ban on BGMI could severely impact the growth of the Indian gaming industry and bring the burgeoning Esports scene to a standstill. However, the concerns raised by authorities are crucial for India’s data security and cannot be overlooked.

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