Pocket Ninja Codes – May 2024

Pocket Ninja Codes
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Are you looking for the latest Pocket Ninja Codes for May 2024? You’ve come to the right place! This post is dedicated to providing you with the most recent and exciting codes for Pocket Ninja.


These codes are not just random combinations of numbers and letters. They are your gateway to a host of benefits in the game. In the following sections, we will walk you through how to use these codes and how they can take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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How to Redeem Pocket Ninja Codes?

Want to use a code in Pocket Ninja? It’s easy! First, find the blue button on the bottom right of your Village menu screen and tap it. A menu with several options will appear. Look for the Settings button and tap on it.

You’ll find a field for code redemption in the Settings. Here’s where you’ll need one of the codes from our list. Make sure to copy the code exactly as it is, then paste it into the text field. Finally, tap the Redeem button and voila! Your reward is ready!

Here are the steps in short:

  1. Launch Pocket Ninja
  2. Find and tap the blue button at the bottom right of your screen to bring up a menu
  3. Look for and tap on the Settings button
  4. Copy a code from our list, paste it in the provided field, and tap the Claim button to enjoy your rewards
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New Working Codes for Pocket Ninja (May 2024)

Code Reward
ALN1P91M 6-Star Capsule, Chakra Pill, Elite Gem Chest (NEW)

Expired Codes

Code Reward
ALY98SZP 5-Star Common Capsule & 5-Star Medal
AL2QYDOY 6-Star Ninja Egg, 1x Chakra Pill, 1x Elite Gem Chest
ALQWEVHE 200 Medals, 3x Common Duo, 1x God Tree Fruit
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Pocket Ninja FAQ

What are Pocket Ninja Codes

Ever wondered what Pocket Ninja Codes are? Let’s break it down for you. Pocket Ninja Codes are special codes that you can use in the game, Pocket Ninja. These codes are usually released by the game developers and offer a variety of rewards.

The rewards can range from in-game items, characters, to special abilities. The best part? These codes are absolutely free! All you need to do is enter the code in the game, and the rewards are yours.

How to get More Pocket Ninja Codes?

Looking for more Pocket Ninja Codes? We’ve got you covered. There are several ways to get your hands on these valuable codes. One of the best places to find them is on the Pocket Ninja official Facebook page. The game developers often release new codes on this platform.

But that’s not all. We also keep our list updated with all the available codes for Pocket Ninja. If you come across any codes that we’ve missed, feel free to let us know in the comments. We’ll add them to our list right away.

Remember, the world of Pocket Ninja is always evolving, and so are the codes. So, don’t forget to bookmark our website to stay updated with the latest codes. Dive into the exciting world of Pocket Ninja with these codes and enhance your gaming experience!

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What is Pocket Ninja?

Pocket Ninja is a captivating online game that immerses players in the thrilling world of ninjas. In this game, you begin as a Genin, aspiring to become the Legendary Ninja. You have the opportunity to build and personalize your own village, gather resources, and recruit your favorite Ninjas from other villages to form your unique team.

The game follows Naruto’s story from the first chapter of the manga, extending to the new generations. Players can participate in battles, learn Forbidden Jutsu, and excel in combat. There are also formidable Tailed Beasts that will attack your village! You can defeat these Tailed Beasts, harness their powers, and use them to bring honor to your village.

Beyond the battles, Pocket Ninja also allows players to cultivate their own village. The game is not just about the battles but also about creating your own Tales of Leaf and building your village from the ground up.

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