Palworld Announces Early Access to Sakurajima Update for Content Creators

Palworld Announces Early Access to Sakurajima Update for Content Creators
Palworld Announces Early Access to Sakurajima Update for Content Creators (Image via: @Palworld_EN)

Palworld, the popular monster-collecting survival game developed by PocketPair, has announced an exciting opportunity for content creators and media. The game’s much-anticipated Sakurajima update will be available for early access, starting a few days before its official release on June 27, 2024. This early access allows selected individuals to explore the new content and share their experiences with the gaming community.


Content creators interested in this early access can apply through an online form provided by the developers. This initiative is part of PocketPair’s effort to build hype and engage the community with fresh content ahead of the full update release.

About the Sakurajima Update

The Sakurajima update is the first major content update for Palworld since its early access launch in January 2024. This update introduces a new island, new Pals (the game’s collectible creatures), and new crafting recipes. The update is inspired by Japanese culture and features a variety of new challenges and a new raid battle​.

New Features

  1. New Island: The new Sakurajima island offers diverse landscapes and structures, providing players with extensive areas to explore and new adventures to undertake.
  2. New Pals: The update introduces several new Pals, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Some of the new Pals include a martial arts frog, a mystical dog, and a quirky dinosaur with a mushroom on its head​.
  3. New Weapons: Players can expect new weapons like a futuristic assault rifle and a powerful flamethrower, adding more strategy and excitement to battles​.
  4. PVP Pal Arena: While not featured prominently in the latest trailer, the update will include a new PVP arena, allowing players to pit their Pals against each other in competitive matches​.

Community Engagement

PocketPair has been actively engaging with the Palworld community through regular updates and patches. Despite some initial challenges, especially for Xbox players, the developers have worked hard to address issues and improve the game’s performance across platforms. This ongoing support has helped build a dedicated player base and maintain the game’s popularity​.

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How to Apply

Content creators and media personnel can apply for early access by filling out a form available on the Palworld official Twitter account. This opportunity not only allows early access to the new content but also gives creators a chance to generate unique content and insights that can be shared with their audiences.

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