New Indie Puzzle Game “Paper Trail” Set to Launch on May 21, 2024

New Indie Puzzle Game “Paper Trail” Set to Launch on May 21, 2024
New Indie Puzzle Game “Paper Trail” Set to Launch on May 21, 2024 [Image via: @NewfangledGames Twitter Handle]

“Paper Trail”: A Game-Changing Indie Puzzle Game Set to Launch on May 21, 2024: In a significant development in the gaming industry, Newfangled Games has announced the launch of their innovative indie puzzle game, “Paper Trail”. The announcement was made during the Steam NextFest, a renowned digital event that showcases upcoming games on Steam.


A Unique Gameplay Mechanic

“Paper Trail” stands out in the crowded puzzle game genre with its unique gameplay mechanic – players can fold the levels. This introduces a new dimension to puzzle-solving, requiring players to think spatially and manipulate the game environment in a way that has rarely been explored in puzzle games.

Launch Details and Platform Availability

The game is set to launch on all major gaming platforms on May 21, 2024. This wide availability will allow gamers across different platforms to experience this unique game. The game is now available for players to add to their wishlists on Steam, one of the most popular platforms for indie games.

Community Engagement and Future Updates

Newfangled Games has been actively engaging with the gaming community through their Twitter account. The hashtag #ScreenshotSaturday suggests that they will be sharing more visuals from the game in the coming weeks, giving potential players a sneak peek into the game’s aesthetics and level design.


With its innovative concept and the enthusiastic response from the gaming community, “Paper Trail” is a game to watch out for in 2024. Players are encouraged to wishlist the game on Steam and stay tuned for more updates from Newfangled Games.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Paper Trail” and other exciting developments in the gaming industry.

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