New Doom Game “Doom: The Dark Ages” Announced for PS5

New Doom Game "Doom: The Dark Ages" Announced for PS5
New Doom Game “Doom: The Dark Ages” Announced for PS5 (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

June 10, 2024 – Exciting news for Doom fans! PlayStation has announced that “Doom: The Dark Ages” is set to be released on the PS5 in 2025. The new game will take players back to a medieval-inspired world, diving deep into the origins of the iconic Doom Slayer and his unrelenting rage against the forces of Hell​​.


The announcement was made via PlayStation’s official Twitter account earlier today, generating a lot of buzz among gamers. According to reports, “Doom: The Dark Ages” has been in development for over four years and was previously referred to as “Doom: Year Zero.” This latest installment promises a unique twist by setting the game in a time before Doom Slayer acquired his modern arsenal​​.

“Doom: The Dark Ages” will bring a fresh medieval feel to the classic first-person shooter. Players can expect to engage in combat using both ancient weapons and some firearms, reflecting the technology of the Night Sentinels, a knightly order that battles alongside Doom Slayer. The game will explore more of the Doom lore, including the history of the Night Sentinels and their fight against Hell’s armies.

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The new game aims to slow down the pace compared to recent Doom games. Game director Hugo Martin mentioned wanting players to feel like they are driving a “hulking monster truck” instead of a “deadly race car.” This change is designed to match the medieval setting, emphasizing the sheer power and brutality of the Doom Slayer in a more grounded, yet still hellish, environment​.

“Doom: The Dark Ages” will be available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC. Despite Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of id Software, Doom remains a multiplatform franchise. This decision ensures that fans across different gaming systems can enjoy the game. Additionally, the game is expected to be part of the Xbox Game Pass at launch, providing another way for players to access it​​.

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The setting and storyline of “Doom: The Dark Ages” promise to offer a new and thrilling experience for fans of the series. The medieval backdrop will feature the Doom Slayer clashing with demonic forces using a mix of traditional and advanced weaponry, providing a unique blend of historical and fantastical elements. The game aims to delve into the deeper origins of the Doom Slayer, offering a rich narrative that expands the Doom universe​.

As anticipation builds for its release in 2025, more details about the gameplay, features, and story of “Doom: The Dark Ages” are expected to be revealed. Fans can look forward to more information during upcoming gaming showcases and events.

For now, the announcement of “Doom: The Dark Ages” has certainly set the stage for an epic return of the Doom franchise, with promises of intense action, rich lore, and a brand-new setting that blends medieval and hellish themes seamlessly.

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