New Character Croajiro Unveiled in Palworld’s Paldeck_SP

New Character Croajiro Unveiled in Palworld's Paldeck_SP
New Character Croajiro Unveiled in Palworld’s Paldeck_SP (Image via: @Palworld_EN X Handle)

Palworld has introduced a new character named Croajiro in their latest Paldeck_SP release. This addition was announced on June 16, 2024, via a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account. Croajiro is designated as entry No.090 and is described as a Pal for whom the honor of the herd is more important than their own life. The full character reveal can be seen in a video linked through the announcement.


Introduction to Palworld

Palworld, developed by Pocketpair, is an upcoming game that blends elements of monster collection, battle, and base-building. It is often compared to Pokémon but with a darker twist, as it includes the use of modern weaponry. Players can capture, train, and fight alongside creatures known as Pals in a vibrant and expansive open world​​.

Who is Croajiro?

Croajiro is a notable addition to the Palworld roster. This Pal embodies the values of honor and loyalty, making it a fierce protector of its herd. The game developers highlight Croajiro’s commitment to its companions, prioritizing their well-being over its own life. Such characteristics are expected to make Croajiro a valuable ally in both battle and daily tasks within the game.

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Paldeck_SP Series

The Paldeck_SP series is a promotional campaign that Pocketpair uses to introduce new Pals and their unique abilities. Each entry in the series provides players with a glimpse of what to expect in terms of gameplay and character attributes. Previous entries have included a variety of Pals with distinct skills and elemental types​​.

Gameplay and Features

Palworld integrates a variety of gameplay mechanics that appeal to different types of players. These include:

  • Monster Collection and Training: Players can capture over 100 different Pals, each with unique skills. These Pals can be trained and evolved to enhance their abilities.
  • Combat: The game features a mix of melee and ranged combat. Players and their Pals can use weapons like spears, guns, and rocket launchers.
  • Base Building: Players can construct and manage bases with the help of their Pals. Tasks such as farming, production, and electricity generation can be automated by assigning different roles to Pals.
  • Multiplayer: The game offers both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Players can team up for joint missions or engage in battles against each other, adding a dynamic social element to the gameplay​​.
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The release of Croajiro has generated excitement among the Palworld community. Fans are eager to explore how this new Pal’s traits will influence gameplay. The integration of Pals like Croajiro, who bring unique values and abilities to the game, continues to build anticipation for Palworld’s full release.