New Boss Rush Mode Released for ‘Lords of the Fallen’

New Boss Rush Mode Released for 'Lords of the Fallen'
New Boss Rush Mode Released for ‘Lords of the Fallen’ (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

Fans of “Lords of the Fallen” received exciting news today as a new Boss Rush mode was added to the game, free for all current owners. This update is part of HexWorks’ continuous efforts to enhance the gaming experience based on player feedback.


HexWorks, the developer of “Lords of the Fallen,” has been consistently releasing updates since the game launched on October 13, 2023. Today’s Boss Rush mode allows players to face a series of bosses back-to-back, testing their skills and strategies in intense battles. This mode promises to be challenging and engaging, offering a fresh way to experience the game’s combat mechanics.

This Boss Rush mode is part of the “Master of Fate” update, Version 1.5, which has introduced numerous improvements and new features to the game. One significant addition is the Advanced Game Modifier System, allowing players to customize their game experience with options like enemy randomization, loot changes, and an Ironman mode, which results in game over upon death. These features aim to make the game more adaptable to different play styles and preferences​.

Other enhancements included in recent updates are significant improvements to performance, optimization, and stability, ensuring smoother gameplay and fewer technical issues. Adjustments to difficulty, such as reduced mob density and nerfed ranged attacks, have been made in response to player feedback. New content has also been added, including questlines, armor sets, weapon abilities, and spells, such as the “Season of the Bleak” and “Trial of the Three Spirits,” which introduced new quests and items​.

HexWorks has been actively engaging with the community to shape the game’s development. They have implemented several features requested by players, highlighting the importance of community feedback. Saul Gascon, Head of Studio at HexWorks, emphasized that every addition is made with the community in mind, reinforcing their commitment to creating a game that players enjoy and support​.

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Looking ahead, the roadmap for “Lords of the Fallen” includes more exciting updates. Players can expect new spells, finisher attacks, and other community-requested features. The game will also continue to receive quality of life improvements, such as inventory expansion and gamepad rebinding options. This continuous support ensures that the game remains fresh and engaging for both new and returning players​.

The new Boss Rush mode in “Lords of the Fallen” offers a thrilling challenge for players and demonstrates HexWorks’ dedication to enhancing the game through regular updates and community feedback. With more content on the way, fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. For more details, you can watch the full trailer here​.

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