NBA 2k24 Locker Codes (April 2024)

NBA 2k24 Locker Codes
NBA 2k24 Locker Codes

Welcome to the world of gaming! If you’re a fan of NBA 2K24, you’re in the right place. This post is all about 2K24 Locker Codes April 2024. These locker codes are a hot topic among the gaming community. They offer a fantastic way to enhance your gaming experience, providing you with free in-game items, player packs, and more. The best part? They’re completely free!


The 2K24 Locker Codes for April 2024 are especially exciting. They promise a range of rewards that can give you an edge in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, these locker codes can help you level up your game.

How to Redeem Locker Codes in 2k24

Before we dive into the codes, let’s quickly go over how you can redeem them. It’s a piece of cake, really. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start the game: Fire up your NBA 2K24 game on your console or PC.
  2. Go to the Main Menu: Once the game loads, navigate to the main menu.
  3. Select ‘MyTEAM’: Look for the ‘MyTEAM’ option and select it.
  4. Find ‘Locker Codes’: Within the ‘MyTEAM’ section, you’ll find an option called ‘Locker Codes’. Click on it.
  5. Enter the Code: Now, all you have to do is enter your Locker Code. Make sure to enter it exactly as it appears, as these codes are case-sensitive.
  6. Confirm: After entering the code, confirm it. If the code is valid and hasn’t expired, you’ll receive your reward!

List of Working Locker Codes for 2k24

If you’re an NBA 2K24 enthusiast, you know how valuable locker codes can be for enhancing your gaming experience. This post will provide you with a list of working locker codes for NBA 2K24. Locker codes are a fantastic way to get free in-game items, player packs, and other exciting rewards. They can give you an edge in the game, helping you to outperform your competitors and level up your game.

The locker codes for NBA 2K24 are time-sensitive and expire after a certain period. So, it’s crucial to stay updated and use them before they’re gone. This post will be regularly updated with the latest locker codes, so make sure to check back often. Remember, these codes are your ticket to leveling up your game. So, don’t wait, start redeeming now!


Locker Code Reward
MyTeam-PINK-DIAMOND-MAX-STRUS1 New rewards to claim
BAD-BUNNY-2K24 Get a new Cangrejeros jersey
LUNAR-NEW-YEAR-JEREMY-LIN Add Jeremy Lin to your team
2K24-MyTEAM-MLK-HB3V Grab a Deluxe Pack
HAPPY-MLKDAY-2K24-SRC3 Celebrate with MLK Day Gear
G4R3A-8AWJL-UFXT8-NP7TQ-NRP63 Exclusive NBA 2KL themed blazer
2K22-GET-MORE-BOOST Power up with 3 Gatorade Boosts
MyTEAM-10-TOKENS-FOR-YOU Earn 10 Seasonal Tokens
NBA-CHRISTMAS-DAY-GAMES Get 1 Ruby player card from each Christmas Day matchup
2K24-XP-COIN-HOLIDAY 2 HR 2XP Coin MC and 2 HR 2XP Coin MT
2K21-VC-25DAYS-GIFT Enjoy 2,500 VC
2K19-SWEAT-2KL-25DAYS Sport a 2K League Christmas Sweatshirt
MyTEAM-ASCENSION-25-DAYS 25 pick Ascension Board and a chance to get Amethyst
25DAYS-SKILL-2K17-HOOP Boost your skills with 6 Skill Boosts X5
PAST-PRESENT-DPOY-MyTEAM Amethyst Marc Gasol or Amethyst Jaren Jackson Jr
GIANNIS-GAME-BALL Wilson Giannis Ball and a ’23-’24 NBA Deluxe Unsellable Pack
2K24-25DAYS-JOGS-2K12 Holiday Joggers
2K11-NEED-BOOST1-2K24 Gatorade Boosts
2K-25-YEARS-VC-2K9 2,500 VC
2K7-STAY-WARM-25DAYS Christmas Scarf
DIAMOND-FOR-ALL Unsellable Diamond Option Pack
25DAYS-2K-5-BOOST 6 Skill Boosts
NBA-2K3-CITY-5GEAR Holiday Themed Gear
25DAYS-2XP-COINS 30 min 2XP Coin
THANKSGIVING-EVENT-IN-MyTEAM 25,000 MTP and 3 Thanksgiving Packs
MyTEAM-TRICK-OR-TREAT Freaky Deluxe Unsellable Pack or an Unsellable ’24 NBA: Series 1 Giannis

List of Expired Locker Codes for 2k24

Here is Below we to provide you with a list of expired locker codes for NBA 2K24. While you won’t be able to redeem these codes now, they give you an idea of the kind of rewards that are typically available. So, make sure to check back often for the latest active codes.


Locker Code Reward
THE-NBA-IS-BACK-2K24 HOF Badge or Diamond Shoe Pack
SEE-YOU-ON-THE-COURT-3968-4582 25K VC for the first 250 redemptions
SEE-YOU-ON-THE-COURT-8236-3632 25K VC for the first 250 redemptions
SEE-YOU-IN-THE-CITY-9871-2723 25K VC for the first 250 redemptions
SEE-YOU-ON-THE-COURT-4845-5455 10K VC for the first 250 redemptions
SEE-YOU-ON-THE-COURT-3777-9999 10K VC for the first 250 redemptions
SEE-YOU-ON-THE-COURT-9483-5577 10K VC for the first 250 redemptions
SEE-YOU-ON-THE-COURT-4799-6231 100k VC for the first 25 redemptions
SEE-YOU-ON-THE-COURT-614735-KD 1 million VC for the first redemption

How to Get More Locker Codes for 2k24

Locker codes are a fantastic way to enhance your NBA 2K24 gaming experience. They provide you with free in-game items, player packs, and other exciting rewards. But how do you get more of these codes?

  1. Stay Active: The first rule of thumb is to stay active in the game. New locker codes are often released during special events, holidays, and when new game updates roll out.
  2. Follow NBA 2K24 on Social Media: NBA 2K24’s official social media accounts often share new locker codes. So, make sure to follow them and keep an eye out for new posts.
  3. Join NBA 2K24 Communities: There are numerous online communities of NBA 2K24 players where members share locker codes they find. Join these communities and stay active.
  4. Sign Up for Newsletters: By signing up for NBA 2K24 newsletters, you can get locker codes delivered straight to your inbox.

Remember, locker codes are time-sensitive and expire after a certain period. So, once you get a locker code, make sure to redeem it as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates on 2K24 Locker Codes for April 2024. Happy gaming!

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