M. Bison Returns in Street Fighter 6 DLC This June

M. Bison Returns in Street Fighter 6 DLC This June
M. Bison Returns in Street Fighter 6 DLC This June (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

Capcom has announced that the infamous M. Bison will make his return to the “Street Fighter” series as a downloadable character for “Street Fighter 6.” The new DLC will be available starting June 26, 2024.


The news was confirmed by PlayStation on Twitter, stating, “M. Bison returns to stomp heads on June 26 🥾💀” along with a link to the new gameplay trailer.

In the trailer, M. Bison, known for his iconic Psycho Power and menacing presence, is shown with a brand new look. The character, who previously met his end in “Street Fighter V,” is resurrected in “Street Fighter 6” with no memory of his past. The trailer shows him awakening in Metro City, ready to unleash havoc once again.

Fans will be excited to see that many of M. Bison’s classic moves, such as the Psycho Crusher, are back. Additionally, he comes with new moves like Shadow Rise and Psycho Mines. Shadow Rise allows him to perform a high jump with follow-up attacks, while Psycho Mines are explosive devices that can be attached to opponents and detonated​​.

Bison’s new design includes his familiar red attire from previous games, now with some updates. He also rides a horse in some of his new animations, which is a fresh element added to his character. His combat style remains brutal and efficient, combining old-school techniques with new strategies​.

M. Bison’s addition to the game is part of the “Street Fighter 6 Year 2 Character Pass.” Alongside Bison, characters such as Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from the “Fatal Fury” series, and Elena from “Street Fighter 3” will also join the roster. This pass aims to bring a mix of nostalgic favorites and exciting new faces to the game​.

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Released globally on June 2, 2023, “Street Fighter 6” has been praised for its innovative RE ENGINE, offering three main modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub. World Tour mode provides a single-player adventure in Metro City. Fighting Ground includes classic arcade modes, training, and ranked matches. Battle Hub is a social space for player interactions and competitions.

The game also introduced a new Drive Gauge system and control schemes, such as Classic, Modern, and Dynamic, making it more accessible to new players while retaining depth for veterans. The diverse roster initially featured 18 characters, with plans for continuous updates to keep the game fresh and engaging.

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