List of IPL 2024 sponsors

List of IPL 2024 sponsors
List of IPL 2024 sponsors [Image via: BCCI/IPL]

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has grown exponentially since its inception in 2008, becoming a cornerstone of the cricketing calendar and a spectacle of sports marketing. The 2024 season of the IPL, which marks the 17th edition of the tournament, continues this legacy with a robust list of sponsors that contribute significantly to the league’s brand value and financial success.


Title Sponsorship

The title sponsorship is a coveted position, offering immense exposure to the brand fortunate enough to secure it. For the 2024-2028 cycle, Tata has retained this prestigious role with a record-breaking deal of INR 2500 crores. This partnership not only reflects Tata’s commitment to cricket but also underscores the immense marketing potential the IPL holds.

Associate Partners

The associate partners for IPL 2024 include My11Circle, Angel One, and RuPay, with CEAT taking the role of the Official Strategic Timeout Partner. These brands have collectively contributed INR 1485 crores, showcasing the diverse range of industries eager to be associated with the IPL.

Broadcasting and Streaming

The media rights for the IPL are a significant source of revenue, with the 2023-2027 rights earning INR 48,390 crores across digital and TV platforms. Disney Star Network has retained the television broadcast rights for the Indian subcontinent with a bid of Rs 23,575 crores, while Viacom18 has secured the digital streaming rights with a bid of Rs 23,578 crores, highlighting the growing importance of digital viewership in modern sports consumption.

Umpire Partners

PayTM has been announced as the umpire partner, adding to the list of prominent brands supporting the IPL. The official Orange & Purple Cap Partner is yet to be announced, which will add another name to the impressive roster of sponsors.

Brand Value and Team Sponsorships

The brand value of the IPL and its teams has seen a remarkable increase over the years. In 2023, the brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance reported the league’s value at US$10.7 billion. The sale of two new teams in 2022 fetched the BCCI a staggering Rs 12,715 crore, reflecting the league’s substantial financial growth and the value proposition it offers to team owners and sponsors alike.

The IPL’s success as a platform for both players and sponsors is undeniable. It has not only revolutionized T20 cricket but also set a benchmark for sports leagues globally. The full list of IPL 2024 sponsors is a testament to the league’s enduring appeal and the lucrative opportunities it presents for brands to connect with a vast audience.

For a complete list of team-specific sponsors and further details on the IPL’s sponsorship landscape, refer to the comprehensive reports provided by sports and business analysts. The IPL continues to be a beacon of innovation in sports marketing, and the 2024 season is poised to further this narrative.

This detailed exploration into the IPL 2024 sponsors highlights the intricate web of partnerships and financial dynamics that fuel one of the world’s most-watched sporting events. As the IPL evolves, so does its impact on the global sports marketing ecosystem, promising exciting developments for fans and stakeholders alike.

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